American Occupational Therapy Association

Established in the year 1917, the American Occupational Therapy Association is the primary professional organization for occupational therapists and related fields in America. Earlier it was known as the National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy. Since then, the organization has been expanding its horizon and making it easier for occupational therapists; occupational assistants and the students of occupational therapy interact with each other and make the practice better with time.

At the moment, there are about 42000 members of this organization which includes students as well as professionals of occupational therapy. These members hail from all 50 states of the US, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and many other countries from around the world. This enables the members interact with different people globally and together they move in order to promote and improve the field of occupational therapy.

Most of the activities and the programs being run by this organization are targeted towards improving the quality of occupational therapy over time. These activities include dialogues, conversations, conferences and through the OT Practice Magazine as well as the American Journal of Occupational Therapy. The publications focus on the core ideas of this field and also present statistics and other data related to the field. The main focus of the publications is on spreading awareness about this therapy.

They also observe an OT month every year and hold the annual Conference and Expo on OT, which is currently running its 93rd edition. Not only this, the organization is also looking forward in order to ensure that all the consumers get better access to health care services, specially occupational therapy. Moreover, the programs also ensure that the members continue to grow professionally and that they are always making it easier for the consumers to get great therapy benefits. This is the reason why the continuing education programs are being organized by the organization for the members from time to time.

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The American Occupational Therapy Association or AOTA carries on its activities from Bethesda, MD. Their activities are also concerned with the setting up of the standards of occupational therapy, ensuring that they are being followed and also providing resources to the members as well as the consumers so that the overall standards or health care are improved.

The organization is moving towards its centennial year and that is why they are now improving their laws and amending all the rules and regulations so that a progressive view can be applied towards the field of occupational therapy. Moreover, the educational and research programs have also gained a lot of momentum in the recent times.

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