10 Best Ankle Braces-Support for Basketball In 2017 Reviews

There are various techniques that can be used to support injured ankle. However, the most cost-effective one would be to invest in the right ankle brace. But how exactly do you get to know the best when it comes to ankle braces? Well, that is what we are here for; providing you with the best quality in every product. Ankle braces, like any other product, come in various styles. But there are those models that stand unique from the others. Below is a list of the best ankle braces that are guaranteed to provide maximum protection and support.

10. Zensah Ankle Support – Compression Ankle Sleeve, Lightweight Ankle Brace

Ankle Braces

Need an ideal ankle brace for everyday wear? Well, you should consider Zensah ankle support. This brace is made of three different materials: polyester, nylon and spandex. It measures 1 inch high and 4 inches wide. The brace has a U-shaped design that facilitates a natural walking motion. The fabric is breathable and works well in eliminating moisture. It keeps your feet dry even during intensive exercises.

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9.  ASO Ankle Stabilizer

ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis from ASO is a medium sized ankle brace. It features a low-profile design that provides a perfect fit for any shoe type. The brace is made of a high strength polyester that does not shrink even after washing. It is designed to be compatible with both the left and right foot. The brace incorporates straps that help to keep it securely in place.

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8. McDavid 195 Level 3 Max Protection Ankle Brace w Straps

McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap

Stay away from possible ankle injuries with 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace from McDavid. The brace is made of polyester and vinyl to provide ultimate protection and support. The fabric is breathable and features sufficient padding to provide great comfort. The heel area is elastic so that the brace can fit snugly on the foot. It is integrated with an arch that prevents any motion restrictions. The brace features two adjustable straps that provide a tight and comfortable fit.

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7.  Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace For Injured Ankle Protection and Sprain Support

Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace For Injured Ankle Protection and Sprain Support

Active Ankle T2 Brace is designed to provide maximum ankle support. The brace is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric. The fabric is lined with excellent padding that serves to cushion your foot. Its bilateral hinge design serves to eliminate any motion restrictions. Thanks to the adjustable straps, this brace can comfortably fit both low and high top shoes. The brace is compatible with both the left and right foot.

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6.  McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace with Support Stays

McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace

McDavid comes again with its Classic Ankle Brace. This is a lightweight brace that features a 2-layer design. It is made of polyester and lined with vinyl material. Steel stays are sewn in the fabric to provide a more secure fit. It features an elastic heel and tongue that allow your foot to move freely. The interior is padded to provide great comfort. The tongue is ventilated so that your foot can breathe well.

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5. Copper Wear Compression Ankle Sleeve, Medium

Copper Wear Compression Ankle Sleeve

Copper Wear brings excellent craftsmanship in the world of ankle braces with its innovative Compression Ankle Sleeve. This brace boasts of a copper infusion technology that serves to prevent overheating. It breathes well and is flexible enough to fit snugly on your foot. The fabric wicks away moisture to keep your foot dry. This is one of the few sleeves that can be worn all day long without developing any odors.

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4. Mueller Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer, Black

MUELLER Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

Mueller makes it to the top 10 list with its adjustable ankle stabilizer. It is made of a soft and lightweight neoprene material that makes it comfortable to wear all day long. It is flexible enough to fit most shoe types. Its excellent heat retention properties work well in minimizing pain and promoting healing. The brace has a figure 8 strap system that regulates compression while providing a custom fit.

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3. Tommie Copper Women’s Recovery Thrive Ankle Sleeve

Tommie Copper Women's Recovery Thrive Ankle Sleeve

This ankle sleeve is specially designed for women. It is made of copper infused polyester and spandex. The sleeve provides 4 directional compression that makes it a comfortable 24-hour wear. It is flexible enough to promote free muscle and joint movement. The infused copper makes it breathable and helps in preventing any possible overheating. It has anti-microbial properties that serves to eliminate any odors.

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2. Active Ankle Volt, Rigid Ankle Braces For Injured Ankle Protection and Sprain Support

Rigid Ankle Brace For Injured Ankle Protection and Sprain Support

This is a lightweight ankle brace that provides great support and protection for injured ankles. The exterior is made of a lightweight polypropylene material. The brace features a support plate that is reinforced with carbon fiber. Natural walking motion is facilitated by its bearing hinge. The brace is padded with durable EVA foam to provide great comfort. It is designed to fit most shoe types.

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1. Tommie Copper Recovery Ankle Sleeve

Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Thrive Ankle Sleeve

The copper infused ankle brace from Tommie Copper makes it to the number one spot. This brace is made of copper infused polyester (86-percent) and spandex (14-percent). As the name suggests, it is designed to be used by men. The fabric is breathable, flexible and resistant to overheating. It helps keep your foot dry all day long by eliminating moisture. The brace features a 4 directional compression that helps in relieving joint and muscle pains.

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