Top 9 Best Silver Candelabras For Sale In 2017 Reviews

Make your candle glow with style by fixing them on one of the most elegant candelabras on the market. You may be asking yourself which candelabra is actually the best for use. Well, the market is filled with an array of styles and models that may make it quite hard to determine the best. But do not worry because we have you covered. Our team of experts has done all the homework for you. They have conducted extensive research and came up with a list of the best candelabras on the market.

9. Candelabras


Line up a maximum of 10 candles with this classic metal candelabra. It is finished with black matte to give it maximum protection as well as add to its elegant look. The candelabra has 2 rows each constituting of 5 platforms. Each platform measures 3 inches wide and is bowel-shaped to hold the melting candle. The base of the candelabra is wide enough to provide maximum stability.

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Light up your wedding venue with these remarkable lanterns. They come in a set of 20 pieces each accommodating one candle. These lanterns feature a stylish design that will certainly adorn the whole wedding venue. The lights emitted from the 20 pieces will actually create that warm and wonderful feeling in the hearts of many. These lanterns come with stands that incorporate wide bases to provide great stability.

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Looking for a classy candelabra that will earn you compliments from visitors? Well, the answer lies with Light Crystal Candelabra. Its crystal decoration and attractive silver color will surely brighten up any living space. The candelabra has 5 platforms each designed to hold a candle. The stem features a swivel design for added convenience. The heavy base is wide enough to provide great stability.

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6. Studio Silversmiths 14″ 3-light Silver Metal Candelabra Wedding Centerpiece Candle Holder

Silver Metal 3 Light Candelabr

This candelabra is a perfect blend of durability and elegance. It is made of a sturdy metal and finished with an attractive silver color. The candelabra has 3 platforms; one on the center and two on the sides. Their cup-shaped design provides a perfect fit for the candles. The base is extra-wide to prevent the candelabra from being easily knocked down. This unit is an excellent choice for wedding events.

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5. Nickle Plated Candelabra 5 Light Ribbed

Classic Nickel Plated Candelabra 5 Light

Godinger actually did a wonderful work in designing this one of a kind candelabra. It comes in a unique design that speaks a lot regarding the quality craftsmanship used in its construction. This candelabra features a smooth and shiny nickle plating. The plating provides a touch of elegance and a feeling of class. The candelabra has 5 branches each designed to accommodate a candle.

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4. VERDUGO GIFT Midnight Elegance Candelabra

Midnight Elegance Candelabra

Just from its name, one can easily get an insight of just how beautiful this candelabra is. It is decorated with an array of enchanting baubles that will certainly put a smile on your face. The candelabra has 5 platforms each featuring a well-tinted glass. The candles are held within the glass to maximize the glow. This candelabra features a sturdy and durable metallic construction to guarantee many years of use.

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3. Gifts & Decor Crystal Trimmed Candelabra Tealight Bead Candleholder

Crystal Trimmed Candelabra Tealight Bead Candleholder

Gifts & Decor has actually stood true to its name. This candelabra is truly a centerpiece that will sparkle in the light of the candles. The main support is made of a sturdy metal. It is branched to create 5 different platforms that are adorned with crystal beads. This unit holds five candles. It is an excellent choice, particularly for weddings and parties.

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2. Epic Products Scroll Wine Bottle Candelabra, Multicolor

Epic Products Scroll Wine Bottle Candelabra

Looking for a perfect gift to light up the face of your loved ones? Well, Scroll Wine Bottle Candelabra might just work perfectly. Its elegant look and unique sculptured design will hardly go unnoticed, even for the most cynical persons. The candelabra is made of wrought iron to guarantee maximum durability. And as the name implies, it is supported by a wine bottle. The candelabra hols 5 candles.

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1. Klikel 14″ Spooky Halloween Black Metal 5-light Candelabra Candle Holder

Black Metal 5 Light Candelabra

Adorn your wedding venue or that home party with this classic candelabra. The candelabra features a shiny metallic construction. You have the option of choosing from black, white or silver finish. The candelabra has five branches each fitted with a cup-shaped candle holder. To guarantee maximum stability, the base features a wide and heavy design that makes it quite difficult to knock down the candelabra.

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