Top 8 Best Electric Front Load Clothes Dryers & Washers on Sale In 2017 Reviews

Clothes dryers are handy appliances to have in a home. They can save time and money, especially when compared to using a Laundromat. While some may say that it costs far less to dry your clothes on a line, this is not always practical. Sometimes the weather does not co-operate, and sometimes you are not able to do your laundry in the morning and let them dry all day. Such inconveniences are not there when you use a clothes dryer. Regardless of the weather condition, you can still wash your laundry and dry them in the least time possible. Clothes dryers are sturdy machines that do not choke or break down easily. This makes them a valuable long-term investment worth putting into consideration. The following list of the best clothes dryers will be of great help in helping you select the ideal dryer for your needs.

8. Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Portable Compact Dryer with Stainless Drum

Clothes Dryers

This front load dryer comes in a neutral white color that blends well with any decor. It is fabricated from aluminum to provide a lightweight yet sturdy construction. This dryer has a 4 cubic feet capacity. It generates sufficient heat to get your clothes dry in the shortest time possible. The unit has a Hot, Warm and Air Only cycle with a cool down setting that keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

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7. Smart+ Products SPP98D Compact Electric Tumble Vented Laundry Dryer

Compact Electric Tumble Vented Laundry Dryer

This is a freestanding dryer that can be mounted on a wall. The dryer features a durable stainless steel construction that withstands any form of rust, corrosion or scratches. The unit has a capacity of 2.65 cubic feet. This means that it can accommodate 8.8 pounds of laundry in a single load. The unit has 5 pre-programmed dry cycles and comes with heat control settings. The view window allows you to clearly monitor the whole process.

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6. GE GFDR485GFMC 8.3 Cu. Ft. Metallic Carbon With Steam Cycle Gas Dryer

Metallic Carbon With Steam Cycle Gas Dryer

This is a gas powered dryer that incorporates a strong carbon construction. It features a built-in installation type. This means that it won’t compromise on the available space or the overall setting of the surrounding. The dyer offers a whopping 12 dry options and even includes a sanitize option. The drum is large enough to fit more than a single load. This unit has a drying capacity of 8.3 cubic feet.

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5. Electrolux EWMED70JSS Wave- Stackable With Steam Cycle Electric Clothes Dryers

Steam Cycle Electric Front Load Dryer

With an amazing 92 dry cycles, this front load dryer offers you with lots of options to choose from. The dryer comes in a nice silver finish that enhances the decor of any room setting. It incorporates nice electronic controls that allows you to customize the whole process so as to match your needs. The large user-friendly LCD display makes the unit much easier to operate. This dyer has a maximum drying capacity of 8 cubic feet.

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4. Whirlpool Laundry 1-2-3 Series XHPC155XW

Whirlpool Laundry

This pedestal measures 27 x 26.3 x 15.5 inches. The pedestal serves to elevate your washer or dryer to a height that is more comfortable to operate. The unit features large chrome plated handles that provide better grip for easy transportation. This unit eliminates the need for straining, especially at doors.

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3. Frigidaire FARE1011MW Affinity 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Clothes Dryers

Electric Front Load Dryer

This is a front load dryer that features 8 dry cycles. The unit incorporates 4 temperature settings that can be customized to suit your drying needs. The unit has a large steel drum that allows you to dry 7 cubic feet of laundry in just a single load. This unit ensures that the cycle times of the dryer and washer are in perfect match. The unit allows your laundry to come out dry and wrinkle free.

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2.  Ariston ARWDF-Dryer Combo with Electronic Washing Cycles Quick Wash and Dry

Washer/Dryer Combo

This dryer features a 2-in-1 design. It has the ability to double as a washer. This allows you to perform all your laundry work by just using a single machine. The unit incorporates a front load design for added convenience. The washer can accommodate 15 pounds of laundry. The dyer features a capacity of 1.82 cubic feet and has the ability to dry 12 pounds of laundry in a single load.

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1. LG DLEX4270W SteamDryer 7.4 Cu. Ft. White Stackable With Steam Cycle Electric Clothes Dryers

Steam Cycle Electric Dryer

This dryer incorporates a rugged construction designed to withstand daily use. The unit comes with nice feather touch electronic controls. The LCD display makes it much easier to execute the various settings. This dryer offers you with 14 dry cycles and 12 dry options to select from. The unit also offers the benefit of a sanitizing function. It generates a powerful steam that gets your laundry dry and wrinkle free. The unit has a drying capacity of 7.4 cubic feet.

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