Top 10 Best Automatic Pet & Dog Doors for Window Reviews

When it comes to giving your dog more freedom around your home, getting a specially designed dog doors can be one of the most liberating things. They are fairly simple products to understand, they provide a safe and quick way outside for your dog. There are countless benefits to getting a dog door. It provides a lot of convenience for you as the owner, since you don’t have to interrupt your day constantly to let your dog in or out. It is also more comfortable for your dog, since they won’t have to hold it in all day if you are away. They can offer more opportunities for your dog to get exercise and reduce boredom, and they can also prevent scratch marks from ruining your door.

As you’re looking for a suitable dog door, there are several key points to factor in. The first and most important is that it works effectively from both directions. Durable materials are important, since it will be taking a lot of wear and tear from your dog entering and exiting. General weather and moisture resistance should be noted, which includes a solid sealed flap. Another important feature is easy installation. Some models require minimal installation, while other patio versions can slot in without needing additional tools. Finally, the overall size should be determined based on how big your dog is to ensure a safer experience.

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1. Ideal Pet Products Original Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Dog Doors

With a high rating from other pet owners around the world, this pet door from Ideal Pet Products is a great choice. It is made from a durable impact-resistant ABS thermoplastic. The door flap uses a clear polyvinyl material. This particular model is suitable for pet up to 90 pounds, and installation should only take 20 minutes to complete with its simple 4 step process. The most unique part about this door is its telescoping frame, which you can use to prevent your dog from using the door. This model comes in 5 sizes from small to x-large.

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9. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door

If you own a patio door and aren’t looking to spend extra time on complicated installations, you should check out this model from PetSafe. It slots right into your patio door frame with its heavy duty aluminum frame with tempered glass. This simple installation does not require any cutting. The materials are buffered to include weather resistance, and the latch allows you to use the sliding glass door to lock. It can fit on either side of the patio door, so there are no worries with compatibility.

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8. PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet/Dog Doors

PetSafe Aluminum Wall Dog Door

Coming in 3 sizes (small, medium, large), this dog door from PetSafe follows a more traditional style at a reasonable price. It is tested from safety, health and overall quality. It is constructed from heavy duty aluminum that is rust-proof, and it features a locking closing panel. The double-flap uses extra strong magnets and an adjustable sill to give it superior insulation. The telescoping tunnel works for both 4 or 6 inch wall construction, making it a versatile purchase.

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7. PetSafe SmartDoor

PetSafe SmartDoor

If you’re looking for a secure door for your dog with an emphasis on convenient features, this product from PetSafe is a great pickup. The flap opening measures 13-1/16 by 15-3/4 inches, and it is compatible with standard doors between 1-1/2 to 2 inches in thickness. It features 3 modes which includes locked, unlocked, and auto access. This automatic access mode only allows your pets with the SmartKey to pass through. Any pet with it equipped will be automatically detected and will unlock the door. Coming with 5 SmartKeys, this makes for the perfect pet door for owners with multiple pets, or those looking for additional security.

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6. Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door

With a variety of sizes to choose from, this energy-efficient pet door from Ideal Pet Products is an ideal pickup if you’re seeking a traditional style door. It uses dual flaps that made from a clear vinyl. It provides superior insulation while it is closed. In fact, it provides up to 3 inches of air between the two flaps, which helps in regulating temperatures. It comes in 4 sizes from small to super large. The telescoping frame installs securely and simply in just a couple steps. If you’re comfortable with DIY handiwork, then installing this door will be no problem.

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5. North States Supergate Extra Wide Wire Mesh Gate

North States Supergate Extra Wide Wire Mesh Gate

Made from a sturdy, natural hardwood, this wire mesh gate from North States is excellent if you need a door for your interior. Rather than gating from your door to the outside, this gates hallways in your home. This is great if need to keep your pets separate while you’re working in a home office, have guests over, or need to keep certain rooms off limits during renovations. It can fit and adjust to openings between 29.5 and 50 inches, and it is 32 inches high. It features pressure mounts that become instantly secure without additional hardware required.

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4. PetSafe Freedom Door, Premium White

PetSafe Freedom Door

With a variety of choices, this door from PetSafe provides versatility and effectiveness at a cheap cost. This pet door provides a better quality of living for your pet, while the transparent panel gives your a weather-tight seal. The solid aluminum frame even comes with a secure locking panel. The four available sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large) fit up to 15, 40, 100, 220 lbs respectively.

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3. Dog Mate Small Dog Doors  – White

Dog Mate Small Dog Door White

If you’re looking for the perfect dog door for your small dog, this produce from Dog Mate is a great solution. It features 4 way locking for optimal security, as well as a fully draft and weather-resistant brush sealed flap. This door fits pets up to 14 inches shoulder height. It comes with complete instructions and is fairly simple to install.

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2. PetSafe Plastic Pet Door with Soft Tinted Flap

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door

With a strong balance between functionality, price and durability, these pet doors from PetSafe deliver consistent value. It comes in 5 sizes, with each having a suitable size range for your dog. The high-impact doors allow your dog to enter and exit as they please, and the frame will be able to hold up to any wear or tear. The plastic frame includes a secure panel to lock down, and the flaps ensure that it remains energy efficient while it is closed.

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1. Perfect Pet Medium Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Perfect Pet Medium Pet Door

If you’re looking for a budget version of an extra large pet door, this one will get the job done. Its tamper proof mounting system is simple to install with just a 4-step process that takes up to 20 minutes. The flap size is 10-5 by 15 inches, and the clear flap allows your pet to quickly see if the locking slide is in place or not. The mounting system cannot be removed from the outside, adding to its security.

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