Top 6 Best Exercise Foam Rollers-Muscle Rollers In 2017 Reviews

With the research showing just how harmful sitting all day is to your general health, foam rolling seems like a must-do activity for anybody with an office job or everyday routine in a similar setting. On the other hand, athletes do foam rolling to reduce recovery time, prevent injury, and improve their athletic performance. Foam rollers are designed to prevent stiffness and pain, relax you, and work out sore muscles.

There are lots of foam rollers to choose from on the market, ranging from soft to extremely firm rollers. Some have very dense cores for fast pain relief whereas others encourage gentler massage. Also, there are rollers that easily pack into a gym bag, ensuring easy portability. Some rollers are even tailored to cater for particular needs, like myofacial release or targeted muscle group massage. So, improve your muscular health and keep your body running properly by performing full body foam roller routine on a regular basis. The following review of the best foam rollers will help you choose a foam roller that best suits your needs.

6. BEST Foam Roller For Muscle Massage-For Physical Therapy & Exercise

Foam Rollers

This foam roller is made from high density EVA foam and features an advanced trigger-matrix design that mimics the strokes of the massage therapist’s hands. It targets your neck, upper and lower back, hamstrings, and quadriceps with so much ease. It features a hollow core making it light, easy to store and easy to carry along on travels.

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5. Muscle Foam Roller ✠ Revolutionary Textured Grid Exercises & Massages Muscles

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This roller has the ability to instantly relieve tight muscles and body aches. Preferred by most users of foam rollers, the AccuPoint’s grid features a consistent design of hexagonal bumps all through the whole grid, ensuring uniform sensation as you roll. It comes with a DVD about the full body foam rolling and features a hollow core, making it very lightweight for portability and easy storage.

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4. Jaifor Firm Density Foam Roller

Foam Rollers

Made from recycled high quality extruded polyethylene, this foam roller is very dense and durable. The high-density material exerts direct high pressure that’s required to relax extremely tense muscles. This foam roller’s length is perfect for use on not only your arms and legs, but also your shoulders and back.

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3. Foam Roller, LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller – Extra Firm

Foam Rollers

Featuring a molded polyethylene foam technology, this foam roller has a smooth surface and a density of two pounds. It helps relieve muscle tension and prevent muscle injury. People taking part in physical activities like weight-training, running, and boxing will certainly find this roller useful. Those practicing yoga and Pilates can also use the roller for warm up.

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2. SPRI Super High Density Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers

This is one among the firmest rollers on the market. It features a hard-wearing high-density construction to ensure long-lasting use. Even though it can be used for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes, it’s actually designed to be a strong and highly durable exercise tool. It doesn’t compress under pressure and comes in different sizes.

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1. Rumbleroller Deep-Tissue Massage Roller

Foam Rollers

This roller features very prominent bumps on its surface, enabling it to reach the deep-set trigger points in nearly any muscle group in your body. It’s ideal for people with conditions such as fibromyalgia, herniated discs, and muscle spasms. You also have an option to choose from the different lengths and foam densities, in order for you not to compromise with any aspect.

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One thought on “Top 6 Best Exercise Foam Rollers-Muscle Rollers In 2017 Reviews

  1. Foam Roller Trigger Point Therapy

    This foam roller is loved by therapists, athletes, and regular people, and their good reputation is well-deserved. They are highly durable, well-designed, and perfect for anybody who is either too impatient or too busy to get a full body massage. This roller features dual pressure zones that allow you to apply different amounts of pressure to help massage and release your tight muscles.

    Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary

    Featuring high-performance foam and a hollow PVC tube, this roller is very lightweight and travel-friendly. The exclusive Distrodensity Zone design is perfect for massaging trigger points that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The foam has a firm texture, making it perfect for deep muscle compression.

    Well Essentials Black High Density Foam Roller

    Besides the normal self-massage, this foam roller works perfectly well for balance and strengthening workouts. It’s made from expanded polyethylene, making it perfect for moderate use. The roller comes in three sizes. Pick the size that best suits the muscle group you intend to target.

    Big Mike’s Fitness High Density Foam Roller

    Designed to hold up to heavy and consistent use, this foam roller is extremely rigid and provides maximum firmness. Its compact design makes it easy to store away or travel with so that you don’t miss out on your foam rolling rituals while you’re on the go.

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