Top 7 Best diesel & Fuel Transfer Tanks In 2017 Reviews

The quality and functionality of fuel transfer tanks are what determines their appeal. They are supposed to be made from high quality and durable material. They should also suit heavy duty functions. The best tanks have convenient features such as the locking gas cap, suction tube, manual sight gauge, baffles, return and drain fittings. They have tight fittings and safety considerations. These tanks also need to be versatile and transfer a number of fuels. Most of them work with diesel and other non-flammable liquids. They provide service for a number of years. They however do not store or transfer gasoline.

The design of these tanks is amazing and makes them even more suitable for use.They also have mounting kits that provide support while transferring fuel. The size of the tank further needs to fit the needs of the user. They are very helpful in storing the extra fuel during travel.

7. Dee Zee DZ91752 Long Rectangle Fuel Transfer Tanks

Fuel Transfer Tanks

This tank is made from durable aluminium that does not rust or corrode. Its design allows it to eliminate pressure points. It has venting features and a high capacity. It measures 59.5 by 9 by 19 inches.
This transfer tank is safe to use. It provides convenience while transferring non-flammable liquids. This tank has stability baffles and a drainage plug.It also has a nice design. Still, it does not serve as an auxiliary fuel system or a gasoline tank.

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6. RDS L-Shaped Auxiliary Transfer Fuel Tanks – 48 Gallon, Smooth and Diamond

Fuel Transfer Tanks

This is a high capacity tank that a unique design. It comes with a pump or pipe thread coupling for convenient use. It measures 55 by 18.5 by 17.5 inches. It is suitable for diesel and other non-flammable fuels. It transfers these fuels from the bed of the pickup to remote equipment. It is however not suitable for gasoline. This tank is safe to use. It also has mounting tools and a diamond plate finish. It further works with most truck beds.

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5. UWS TT-45-COMBO 45 Gallon Combo Aluminum  Diesel Transfer Tank

Aluminium Transfer Tank

This tank has an easy to open lid and great design. Its lid forms a firm wall with the outer aluminium layer to prevent warping or bending. It contains a stainless steel paddle handle that is strong and resistant to corrosion. Its rod prevents content from bending or jamming the lock system. Its tab also supports heavy loads, averts leakage and absorbs tool drops. It is a heavy duty tank that measures 57 by 22 by 18 inches.

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4. Dee Zee DZ91741B Combo Transfer Tank and Utility Chest – Black Aluminum

Fuel Transfer Tanks

This tank is a convenient storage container. It has a shielding black powder finish. Its curves avert pressure points, and it measures 48 by 30 by 24 inches. It has a utility chest that is coupled to the liquid transfer tank. It has stability baffles and secured caps. It also has a venting outlet and drainage plug. It however cannot serve as a supplementary fuel system and does not work with gasoline. All in all, it is a satisfactory transfer tank.

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3. RDS Fuel Tank – 60-Gallon Capacity, L-Shaped, Model# 72770

Fuel Transfer Tanks

This tank has a high capacity and an appealing design. It fits firmly under a roll locker and also on short beds. Its supplementary tank has fittings that enable it to connect to factory lines. It is suitable for diesel and other non-flammable liquids.  It cannot be used to store or transfer gasoline. It measures 50 by 29 by 19 inches. It has a mounting for truck beds. It also has a suction tube, drain fittings, gauges and return. In addition, it has a nice diamond plate finish.

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2. RDS 71791 Rectangular Transfer Liquid Tank – 91 Gallon Capacity

Transfer Fuel Tank

This tank has a diamond finish. It is also a high capacity tank. It has a useful pump and pipe. It also fits short beds and is eco-friendly. It has a separate fuel storage tank.  It transfers diesel and other non-flammable liquids from the bed of a pickup to other heavy equipment. It is not suitable for gasoline in terms of storage or transfer. It is further made from durable aluminium material.

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1. Trail FX 29224166 Steel Fuel Transfer Tanks

Fuel Transfer Tank

This tank is convenient for transferring fuel. It is made from durable steel material. It does not rust or corrode. It is also heavy duty and has a depressed drain plug. It has an outlet for venting and a lockable cap. It is very useful when transferring fuel external equipment or vehicle. It has acceptable performance. It looks great and is very steady. In addition, it comes with a mounting kit and rubber bushings.

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