Top 8 Best Hand Exercisers-Grip/Wrist Exercises In 2017 Reviews

Finger and hand exercises help strengthen your fingers, hands, wrist, and even forearms. As a result, you’ll greatly improve your performance in terms of throwing, pushing, hitting, holding, pulling, and even playing instruments. Some hand exercisers also allow you to exercise individual fingers to help strengthen them. These hand exercisers can also be used to increase muscles in your forearm and increase your hand endurance. This can come handy when gripping onto things, pulling, and carrying heavy items, among other things, without hand fatigue.

Most importantly, these hand exercisers help reduce the risk of hand injuries. For sports where your hands play a significant role like boxing, you need to keep the hands in perfect condition. So performing hand exercises to strengthen them is very important, since it will enable you to punch harder. Here is a review of the top 10 best hand exercisers on the market today. The best part about these hand exercisers is that they are easily portable and can conveniently fit into your pockets.

8. FlexEx 0001 Finger, Hand and Forearm Exerciser

If done the right way, you may feel tired initially. But, after using them for some time, you’ll totally love them. The bands stay in place and provide great resistance. The bands are small, lightweight, and very easy to use. The blue version provides heavy resistance and is perfect for advanced users, the red version provides medium resistance to strengthen fingers with little flexion or grasping ability, whereas the yellow version is very light and offers less resistance, but is perfect for beginners.

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7. D’Addario Varigrip Adjustable Hand Exerciser

This is a pocket-sized warm up tool and finger strength builder that is perfect for both beginners and professionals. This hand exerciser isolates every finger, thereby providing an effective exercise with its individually adaptable spring-loaded buttons. It’s perfect for training your fingers, wrist, and forearm.

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6. NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

Hand Exercisers

This innovative and effective little blue ball of energy works to power your forearms and wrists using an independent gyroscope that rotates at several thousands of revolutions in a minute. This item is compatible with the NSD digital speedometer, and provides you with an effective workout in just a few minutes.

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5. Finger Master Hand Strengthener ? Best Exerciser for Arthritis Therapy and Grip & Finger

Hand Exercisers

Whether you are warming up, training, competing, or performing, this hand exerciser will help mold your hands to the best condition. The product features an ergonomic design with adjustable tension spring in every piston, providing personalized workout for every finger. This also eliminates the need to purchase higher tension devices as your hand gets stronger, thereby saving you money.

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4. Expand-Your-Hand Bands 10 Pack: Kiss Elbow Pains Goodbye

In case you are interested in achieving maximum grip strength and great hand health, then this item provides you with the best way to do so. The hand exerciser is made of durable non-petroleum-based and latex-free material that is resistant to UV and ozone.

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3. Prohands by Gripmaster Women’s VIA Hand Exercisers

This hand exerciser is great for musicians who are in search of something that can work their fingerings for valved instruments. The product probably works best for the trumpet players, because trumpet valves are somewhat close together, but can also work to exercise fingers for guitar, piano, and bass among other musical instruments.

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2. Digi-Flex Blue Hand and Finger Exercise System, 7 lbs Resistance

This product consists of 5 color-coded units with graduated resistances. It allows you to measure your initial strength as well as your progress. The spring-loaded buttons on this product allow you to work out individual fingers.

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1. Gripmaster Pro Edition

This pocket-sized hand exerciser helps you strengthen your hands, fingers, forearms, and wrists. It features spring-loaded buttons that allow you to strengthen every finger separately. It’s very comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic palm bar, and is perfect for musicians, professional athletes, marksman, and interested persons in search of maximum performance and training of their, fingers, hands, and forearm muscles.

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