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Top 10 Best Basal Body Temperatures In 2017 Reviews

Basal body temperatures are the normal body temperature of an individual at rest. It’s the body temperature measured under the conditions, which isn’t influenced by drink, food, or any activities. For optimal accuracy, this temperature should be taken at the same time every morning as soon as

Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Apples

A member of the Rose plant family, apples contain a diverse amount of nutrients as with other fruits belonging to this group of plants such as raspberries, plums, apricots, peaches and cherries. Thus, it is indeed true what the famous phrase “an apple a day keeps the

Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Papayas

Ever wondered what’s in a papaya that makes it an essential food item you should include in your regular diet? This fruit, which used to be considered as exotic and quite rare in some countries, is now grown in several parts of the world. It is common

Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Bananas

If you need a quick boost of energy in the natural way, then the best thing to do is to eat good food that can make you feel more vibrant than ever. Bananas, for instance, should be a staple in your diet because it contains a balance