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Top 10 Important Life Lessons to Learn in School

School is not just about learning the basic facts of math and learning to read. It teaches students valuable life lessons which they will take with them and use throughout their lives. Many important life lessons that we learn in school have nothing at all to do

Top 10 Best Creative Craft ideas for Adults

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts, you have alternative options. Many people love receiving something that you have hand-crafted, with them specifically in mind. It is definitely nice to know that someone made a gift for you from their heart and

Top 10 Ways to Deal with Sulking Girlfriend

The moment you realize that your girlfriend sulking is a monumental turning point in your relationship. The silent treatments, the moods swings, silent treatments and adult tantrums are natural responses one can expect from any relationship, and often confused with immaturity. Girls are naturally susceptible to sulking

Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail in Their Life

What is the main difference that makes some people successful while others fail? There are ten reasons why people fail in life, and you may not be aware of the variety of reasons, but we are going to go over them here in this list. 1. Negative

Top 10 Interesting Things To Do When Feeling Bored

Boredom is something probably no one ever wants to ever encounter. People always like it when they are busy and engaged in something at all times. Though some people like being idle, a prolonged idleness that turns to boredom is always detested. Sitting in the house and

Top 10 Must Have Qualities For Any Aspiring Teacher

Teaching is considered as one of the most challenging professions today. It is not only a formidable task for the teacher to tackle students but also the profession needs great responsibility. As usual, the teacher is a great source of inspiration and a role model to the

Top 10 Reasons Why Jealousy Is Bad

Jealousy is a natural part of life, and most of us experience it to some degree, either in our relationships with family members, friends or lovers. Jealous people always suffer from various challenges including fear, loneliness, distrust and suspicion, among many other negative effects. Furthermore, it instills

Top 10 Different types of Marriage

For some people, marriage has become complicated because of the existence of newer types of marriage. The following are the 10 different types of marriage practiced in several countries including the key features of each. 10. Boston Marriage Boston Marriage has some similarities with same sex marriage,