The Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

Lakes are among the most beautiful of the natural wonders of the world. Their grandeur and breathtaking beauty can be awe inspiring. Below you will find a list of ten of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Each of these lakes should be seen at least once in everyone’s life.

10- Shangrila Lake in Pakistan

Shangrila Lake

Shangrila Lake is part of the very popular tourist destination the Shangrila resort. The area takes its name from the book “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton. In the novel the author survives a plane crash only to discover a beautiful lamasery filled with flowers and fruits. This place was called “Shangri-la” which translates as “Heaven on Earth”. When you visit Shangrila Lake you will understand how it could be given this name.

9- Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake has been one of the most inspiring places on the planet for thousands of years. The lake is surrounded by incredibly sheer cliffs which tower over two thousand feet high. This deep lake has water that is amazingly pure and with dark blue hue. Crater Lake is also well known for its “Old Man of the Lake.” This is a tree stump which has been bobbing in the center of the lake for more than a hundred years.

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8- Taal Lake in Philippines

Taal Lake, Philippines

This freshwater lake is found on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Along with being the countries third largest lake it is also the most photographed. Until 1911 the lake consisted of three separate crater lakes. That year there was a massive eruption which formed the new larger lake. At the center of Taal Lake is the world’s smallest active volcano.

7- Plitvice Lake in Croatia

Plitvice Lake, Croatia

Plitvice Lake is the largest national park in Croatia. It is also the oldest national park in South-east Europe. The beauty and importance of this lake was officially recognized in 1979 when it was made a UNESCO World Heritage site. Each year more than 1.2 million people come to Plitvice lake in order to enjoy its natural splendor.

6- Malawi Lake in Africa

Malawi Lake Africa

Malawi lake is the ninth largest lake in the world and third largest in Africa. It is also home to more species of fish than any other fresh body of water on the planet. Malawi lakes serves as the habitat for over a thousand species of Chichlids. The lake was also called “The Lake of Stars” by the famous African explorer David Livingston. He coined the name because the lanterns of the fisherman on the lake looked like the stars in the sky.

5- Yucatan Cave Lake in Mexico

Yucatan Cave Lake in Mexico

This incredible underground lake was only recently discovered. However, its low flat planes of limestone were formed over 2 million years ago. These caves were considered to be sacred by the Mayans and are deeply inspiring place for modern visitors. The Yucatan lake is located in the Tiger Che in the Yucatan peninsula.

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4-  Abraham Lake in Canada

Abraham Lake in Canada

Abraham Lake is actually an artificial lake. It was created in 1972 when the Bighorn dam was constructed. The lake has a surface area of over 20 square kilometers and is 32 meters long. The beautiful blue sheen of this lack is formed by the same influences as other natural lakes in the Rocky Mountains. It is the result of rock flour that mixes into the water.

3- Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal located in the east of Siberia is the most voluminous lake in the world. Amazingly, this lake actually contains 20% of the total unfrozen fresh water in the world. At its deepest point the lake goes down 1,642 meters. It is also the 7th largest lake by surface area in the world. For five months of the year Lake Baikal is covered with a sheet of ice over a meter thick.

2- Lake Hiller in Australia

Lake Hillier in Australia

Lake Hiller in the archipelago in Western Australia is better known as Pink Lake. This pink hue of the water isn’t just a trick of the light, the water is in fact pink. The coloring comes from the beta carotene in the algae found in this lake. The lake measures six hundred meters in length and is surrounded by a sandy beach and eucalyptus trees.

1- Lake Como in Italy

Lake Como in Italy

Beautiful Lake Como has been described as “The Looking Glass Of Venus”. A favorite holiday destination of the elite in both Italy and Abroad. Lake Como is surrounded by luxurious villas, rustic villages and breathtaking forests. Lake Como covers over 146 kilometers and reaches depths of 414 meters.

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