Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Finding the perfect retirement gift for men can be a challenge. Often by the time a man retires he will have accumulated many, if not most, of the things he desires. The key is to think clearly about what he loves and how he would like to spend his retirement. To help you find the right present for him, here are the top 10 retirement gift ideas for men.

10- Whisky Tumblers

Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Most men love the taste of Whisky. And what better way to enjoy that taste than with a set of quality whisky tumblers. The Sagaform Rocking Whisky Tumblers are perfect for enjoying his favorite malt and at just over ten dollars they are a very affordable gift

9- Books

Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Retirement and reading go hand in hand. Why not treat your soon to be retired friend to the gift of a good book. Give him a classic novel such as Hemmingway’s “A Farewell To Arms” or Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”. Or alternatively give him a popular modern thriller like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. If he you know he has a hobby like gardening, fishing or golf a book on the topic is sure to be welcome.

8- Gardening Tools

Many men love to garden, and now that he is retired he is going to have time to engage in his favorite hobby. Help him out and buy him some gardening tools for his retirement. One nice option is the Picnic Gardener Folding Chair Set With Tools. When gardening becomes a little too exerting he can always take a seat.

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7- Travel Tickets

The Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Once you are retired you finally have time for travel. Why not help him on his way by treating him to some travel tickets. Travel tickets can range from anything from an exotic cruise, to a weekend getaway. If that is too extravagant train tickets to a seaside resort will always be welcome.

6- DVDs

The Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Retirement is the perfect time to catch up movies and television that you might have missed due to the annoyance of having to work. Boxed sets of popular television shows like Frasier, The Wire, The Sopranos and Mad Men all make for great retirement presents. Or why not present them with a classic movie trilogy like the Godfather?

5- Golf Clubs

Retirement Gift Ideas For Men


For many men visions of retirement conjure up one image: More time on the golf course. What better way to celebrate retirement then by giving them a set of golf clubs. If you don’t want to buy a full set of golf clubs a good choice is the highly regarded TaylorMade Burner Super Fast Driver.

4- Cigars

Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

What retired man can do without some fine cigars? From relaxing at their favorite restaurant, to kicking back at the club house, to spending a night at home, cigars always make the experience better. If possible try and lay your hands on some Cuban cigars. If these are not available there are many Dominican and Nicaraguan Cigars which are great substitutes.

3- Champagne

Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

What better way to celebrate retirement that with a bottle of Champagne. If you decide to give champagne make sure to do it right and choose a bottle of Don Perignon or Moet. If you are lucky they might even invite you to share a glass of their delicious retirement gift.

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2- Massage Chair

Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Retirement means an opportunity to finally take the weight off your feet and spend some quality time reading or watching your favorite television shows. What better way to do it than in the comfort of your own massage chair. There are wide range of massage chair options from massage pillows through to full body chairs. If you want to give him the best, why not buy the Full Shiatsu Massage Chair by Best Massage.

1- Gold Watch

Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

In times past every man that reached retirement could expect to be rewarded with a gold watch. Those days may be gone, but you can still choose to honor the tradition. Buying a gold watch doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. A good option is the tasteful Yves Camani gold watch with leather band which will cost you less than two hundred dollars.

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