To 10 Best Airline Companies in the World

When it comes to selecting the top 10 best airline companies over the world in 2013, survey was conducted to ensure that the best airlines get the awards for their good services. The rating was based on passenger surveys which focused on customer satisfaction and then they would also look at how safe the airline was and also the routes covered.

1- Emirates

Best Airline Companies in the WorldThe airline that scooped the first place was Emirates. This airline moved from being number 8 last year to number one. They reached the position due to their improved customer services and also started working with other airlines to improve on their services. Emirates determination to provide the best services has bore them fruits as they received an award for being the best in the world.

2- Qatar Airways

Position number two went to Qatar Airways who slipped from number one last year. Their drop indicated that number one put more efforts than they did but they were awarded for almost the same achievements. Among the achievements are good passenger services and maintaining good safety conditions.

3- Singapore Airlines

That airlines maintained the third position for the second consecutive year. This made all the top spots to go to Middle East and Asian airlines. This therefore put those regions as the top regions when it comes to best aviation industry.

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4- ANA All Nippon Airways

It took the fourth position in these awards, attributing their success to improved customer services and inventing of new routes. This North American airline made significant improvement in its online services and allowing customers to easily make reservations and buy tickets amongst other services.

5- Asiana Airlines

The Fifth position went to Asiana Airlines formerly Seoul airlines. This is one of the two main airlines in South Korea, and operates in 90 international routes and 14 domestic routes. Their improved services landed them in top 5 best airlines and they are still working on improving their services. The airline’s headquarter is based in Seoul airlines and they are currently the major shareholders of Air Busan.

6- Cathay Pacifi

The sixth best airline award went to Cathay Pacific which is Hong Kong’s international flag carrier; it has flights to worldwide destinations and is praised for its good customer services. It has been in operation since 1946, and still continues to shine.

7- Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways took the seventh position. It is United Arab Emirates national airline and they started commercial operations in 2003 and earned its name as the fastest growing airline in commercial aviation industry. They are now amongst the best in the world after just a few years in the business. This therefore indicates that they have a bright future and can further improve in their position in the next few years if they continue to improve their services at the current rate. See pictures and more information.

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8- Garuda Indonesia

The eighth position award went to Garuda Indonesia; this was attributed to their determination and effort to provide the best customer service and also to improve safety of the airline, especially after it was banned till mid 2009 by European Union from flying to Europe because of safety concerns.

9- Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines came in at ninth position. The airline has shown its interest in being the world’s number one airline and therefore continues to make efforts towards achieving this target. Because of their constant improvements, they are currently the fastest growing airline in the world.

10- Qantas Airlines

Position ten went to Qantas Airlines which was also awarded the best airline in Australian Pacific for its improved services. It is recognized for its efforts to create good travel experience for its customers by providing better on board services amongst other improved services. Qantas Airlines has invested heavily on training just to make sure that they give the best services to their customers and always make sure that they keep time when it comes to flights and ensure that they do not have delays that can be avoided. Check

Qantas registered their worst performance last year when they came in number 15 as a result of grounding the airline over industrial dispute which left thousands of their customers stranded with no prior warning. The airline has evidently worked hard to be ranked in the top 10 best airlines companies in the world in 2013.

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