Top 6 Best Electric Scooter Battery Chargers for RAZOR In 2017 Reviews

RAZOR is a popular brand of electric scooter battery chargers that has been in the industry for quite a number of years. It features a wide range of scooters including eco-friendly ones, electric-powered and non-electric models that appeal to people of all ages. In fact, RAZOR has released various styles and designs of scooters that add power to every ride. Thus, it is not surprising that more and more people prefer RAZOR when it comes to quality scooters that give the best value for their money.

If you have an electric scooter by RAZOR, you will need a battery charger that can ensure you of a great ride for several hours. With this in mind, it is important that you purchase a reliable brand of charger, which does not take too much time when adding power to your scooter. Hence, these top 10 electric scooter battery chargers for RAZOR are your best bet when you want total satisfaction and great value for every dollar that you pay.

6. Razor Electric Scooter Battery Charger (For the e100/e125/e150)

Razor Electric Scooter Battery Charger

If you have the e100 model of RAZOR electric scooter, then this great battery charger is the perfect match for it. It works just as expected from a UL-approved charger, which means you will have no problem adding more power to your scooter’s battery once it runs out of juice. While it may take about 8 hours before the battery is fully-charged, you can go for a ride for several hours after packing enough power on your scooter’s battery. For less than $25, this battery charger is indeed a great buy that will never let you down.

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5. New Masione Scooter Lithium Battery Charger for Razor Electric Ground Force

3-Prong Inline Scooter Battery Charger for Razor Ground Force

Is your electric scooter’s battery going a little low on battery? Then, be sure to check out this three-prong inline battery charger for scooters. It has a maximum power output of 48 watts, with an output of 24V/2A. For your safety, this item comes with a short circuit protection – a feature that fits a wide range of electric scooters. Most importantly, the charger has automatic functions, so you can simply plug it in and let it do its job.

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4. Masione 36 Volt 1.5A XLR scooter battery charger for IZIP I600/I750 Electric Scooter

36 Volt 1.5A XLR scooter battery charger for IZIP I600

Got an IZIP electric scooters with models I1000, I750 or I600? If so, you can count on this powerful battery charger to supply your scooter with the power it needs. Most product users were impressed by the fact that this item has outlasted the other chargers they have bought from the site. In fact, this product functions consistently well even when use everyday – a true mark of a great buy worth your money.

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3. Battery Charger For RAZOR MX350 PR200 Pocket Mod Electric scooter USA

Electric Scooter Battery Charger For RAZOR MX350 PR200 Pocket Mod Electric scooter USA

This UL-listed product by Newgate-Ships is a 24V/2A battery charger made for RAZOR electric scooters. It has 3 ports with inline female connector, which is a standard in the US. Charging is complete in at least 2 to 3 hours, so that gives you a chance to go on a ride after your scooter is out of juice. Simply check the indicator light to know once charging is complete and be sure to use the short circuit protection for your safety.

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2. Razor Battery Charger for the e200, e300, PR200, Pocket Mod, Sports Mod

Razor Battery Charger for the e200

Charge your electric scooter battery with this item at affordable price. Perfect for the PR200, dirt quad, sports mod, pocket mod, e300 and e200 scooters by RAZOR, this product is indeed a winner. Charge time take about 8 hours, and you can rely on this battery charger because it is UL-approved for your satisfaction.

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1. Masione 48W 24V 2A 3-Prong Inline Scooter Battery Chargers for Razor

Scooter Battery Chargers

Topping this list of excellent battery chargers for your electric scooter is this 3-prong inline 24V/2A charger. It has a maximum power of 48 watts and a 24V/2A output. You can also use its short circuit protection regardless of the electric scooter model you use. Lastly, it is 100 percent automatic, so all you need is to keep the charger plugged and wait for it to charge the battery completely after a few hours.

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