Top 10 Best Portable Standby Generators for Sale 2017 Review

Standby generators are the perfect remedy for power outages. Unlike other standard generators, they waste no time in keeping you back on track. What’s more, you don’t have to be there to bring them to life, thanks to the beauty of the fast-acting automatic switch. These generators pack enough punch to get almost everything running, whether at home or in your small business.

There are many players, or rather, brands in the world of standby generators. And with all the competition going on, it’s pretty obvious that there are winners and losers in the game. This article concentrates on the winners and reviews the best standby generators that will keep your home well lit and running as if nothing has happened. Read more and find out which standby generators have made it to the top of our list.

10. Air-Cooled Steel Enclosure Gas Powered Standby Generator by Generac

Standby Generators

Save yourself from the irritating power outage with this standby generator. It gives enough power to keep almost every appliance and machine running in the house. Powered by natural gas, this generator provides the convenience of a smooth operation, thanks to the fact that it sports less than 5-percent harmonic distortion. This means that it’s safe to use on sensitive appliances and electronics. A steel enclosure gives it an all-weather resistant construction capable of withstanding all weather elements and wind speeds of up to 150 mph. And it’s just as quite as it can ever get, making it less of a discomfort for the neighbors.

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9 . Natural Gas/Liquid Propane Powered Air Cooled Home Standby Generator

Powered Air Cooled Home Standby Generator

Go a lot more quieter with this standby generator that’s proven to be 50-percent less noisier compared to portable generators. For instance, it generates between 65 to 68 dB under normal load. The trick to its quite operation is attributed to the acoustic dampeners and automotive style exhaust. A rugged housing and a series of vents and louvers turn it into one powerhouse that’s designed to last for years. It gets to withstand all outdoor elements for maximum protection. The generator is powered by natural gas and sports a compact size that won’t be much of a comprise when it comes to storage.

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8. Generac 6721 Guardian Series, 16kW Air Cooled Standby Generator

Air Cooled Standby Generator

This powerhouse packs quite a punch, generating a whopping 16,000 watts. With it, you get the convenience of a hands-free operation. It runs on your house’s natural gas and doesn’t need much pressure to get it running. Less harmonic distortion (lower than 5-percent) makes it a perfect choice for powering any sensitive electronic or appliance. The shell is made of heavy-duty steel, which is powder coated to make this powerhouse rugged enough to take a beating. It’s a durable generator that stands up to any weather, be it rain or shine.

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7. Gas Powered Standby Generator with 200-Amp Smart Transfer Switch

Gas Powered Standby Generator

Get the quick response of a 200-amp fast-acting switch – a convenience given by Generac line of standby generators. This generator gives 14,000 watts and sports a high-performance design that accommodates large electrical loads. It runs on liquid propane and you can choose to use your house’s natural gas supply as an alternative. This generator is built to last, thanks to the rugged steel enclosure that withstands all form of weather.

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6. Diesel Powered Standby Generator by Generac

Diesel Powered Standby Generator

Go a little bit monstrous with this powerful diesel standby generator. With a maximum output of 30,000 watts, this generator will keep everything running around the home. What’s more, it can even be put to use in light commercial applications. Despite the huge power output, this generator is designed to be safe for sensitive electronics and appliances. You get the convenience of a user-friendly LCD controller that provides hassle-free monitoring.

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5. Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator by Generac 6243

Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator

This generator gives you 17,000 watts of True power output. It’s designed to be easy on sensitive equipment and comes equipped with a smart fast-acting switch that brings the generator to life in seconds. This standby generator has got an aluminum closure, which makes it relatively lighter compared to those that sport steel enclosure. This heavy-duty aluminum shell withstands everything thrown at it, whether it’s gale winds or rain.

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4. Portable Solar Generator Power Supply Energy Storage Lithium ion Battery

Portable Solar Generator

Those that love to go Eco-friendly will find this portable generator quite handy. It’s an all-in-one power station that makes use of the clean solar energy. This portable generator can be sued to boost your car, charge devices via USB and power small appliances up to 300 watts. This lightweight, zero-emission generator is almost a must-have for those that are constantly on the move.

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3. Briggs & Stratton 40415 17kW 3-Phase Standby Generator

Standby Generator

This generator packs enough power to befit commercial applications. But despite being designed for the most demanding jobs, this generator can double as your home’s emergency powerhouse since it’s made to be safe on sensitive equipment. It can be installed as close as 18 inches from your home and sports a space-saving design to fit tight lots.

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2. Automatic Transfer Switch, CARB Compliant Standby Generator

Standby Generator

Although this model has a lower power capacity, it is still one of the most outstanding in the market. The generator’s power capacity makes it an ideal choice for residential use. It can also serve in small commercial places. One unique thing about this generator is its fuel consumption rate. It is completely economical as compared to other models of the same category. It is therefore a perfect selection for people who operate on low budget.

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1. Home Standby Generator System with 100 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Standby Generator

One thing you will definitely like about this generator is its response speed. Once utility power outage occurs, the generator quickly responds by starting automatically. As a matter of fact, the generator starts in a matter of seconds. It therefore does not matter if you are home or away since power will keep running.

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