Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Australia

Thinking of visiting the land down under? If you are in search of the finest adventure that is a perfect combination of nature sights and cityscape, then Australia is the best place to be. These are some of the best travel destinations that Australia offers. Make sure you include them in your itinerary for a memorable trip with your loved ones.

10. Cairns

Tourism place in Cairns- Australia

Get the most out of your trip to Australia by engaging in action-packed adventures that only Cairns offers. This is the superb location for individuals who look for activities that are anything but dull and boring. At Cairns, you can check out fantastic dive spots, breathtaking beaches, and vibrant lifestyle that will enhance your overall experience during your trip. Popular places to visit include the Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation. Cairns also serves as your entry point to the Great Barrier Reef, which Australia is famous for.

9. Brisbane

Tourist place in Australia

Find yourself completely awed by Brisbane, which is Australia’s hub of historical and cultural attractions. Here, you can check out fabulous tourist attractions including the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, and the remarkable Brisbane River. This is the perfect spot for nature enthusiasts and travelers who wish to learn more about this country’s rich history.

8. Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Bask in the breathtaking beaches at Byron Bay, one of the most amazing places in Australia that tourists should consider visiting. Its beaches are famous as a common destination of rays, whales, dolphins, and sea turtles. This is also the finest location for your trip when you crave for laid-back restaurants and bars, a hippie vibe, and vegetarian dishes that will satisfy you. Moreover, Byron Bay’s beaches look stunning with a line of lighthouses decorating the area.

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7. Uluru

Uluru- Tourism place in Australia

No one can ever fathom the wonders that Uluru’s monolith rocks feature, which makes it an exceptional tourist destination. If you are planning to visit Uluru, the best time of the day would be just a few minutes before sunset or sunrise. This is one of the few places in Australia where you can witness the magical and astounding color-changing features of the sky just before the sun rises or after it sets.

6. Port Douglas

Port Douglas

In the mood for scrumptious dishes while in the midst of a breathtaking scenery at some first-rate beach? If so, then make it a point to stay in Port Douglas for a few days or so. This part of Queensland is the mecca for foodies because it offers a wide range of cocktails and dishes that will keep you craving for more. In addition, it is the best place to be when you yearn for nature walks, hours of sunbathing and pampering at world-class spas.

5. Adelaide

Adelaide - Tourism place in Australia

Adelaide is every shopper’s paradise, as it offers plenty of places to shop for apparel, shoes, leather goods, and almost any other item that you have in mind. It is also known as the best source of opal, which is a precious stone used in jewelry. To experience all the exciting things that Adelaide offers, make sure you check out popular attractions in the city such as Fleurieu Peninsula, Barossa Valley and the Mount Lofty Ranges.

4. Perth

Best tourism site in australia

Perth is an outstanding location for travelers whether you are a child or a child at heart. The city features a range of spots for sightseeing and cultural experience including the Western Australian Museum, Perth Mint, Stirling Gardens, Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Perth Zoo. For an exciting party at the beachside, make sure you visit the Swan River banks or Scarborough and get to know more people to enrich your overall experience.

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3. Fraser Island

Fraser-Island in Australia

Discover what this sand island offers, and why most people consider it as Australia’s natural treasure. It is only at Fraser Island where you can have a glimpse of the continent’s endangered species including wild dogs, dingos and some varieties of fish. Furthermore, it is at Fraser Island where you can come across lovely beaches that will surely take your breath away.

2. Melbourne


Travelers who plan to visit Australia with their family should make Melbourne as their primary destination. It serves as your in-depth guide to the history of Australians, as well as its native inhabitants known as the aborigines. Melbourne is also a great place to visit for a low-key nightlife, shopping, entertainment and fancy restaurants. A few other famous locations to visit in Melbourne include the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Healesville Sanctuary.

1. Sydney

Sydney- Australia

Fall in love with Australia’s fantastic city, Sydney. It is the home of the country’s famous opera house and historical Harbour Bridge, which will surely astound you because of their fine architecture. What’s more, there are a few other spectacular places to discover such as the Darling Harbor, Taronga Park Zoo, Jenolan Caves and the Hunter Valley Wineries.

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