Top 10 Best Universities in the USA

For those who are in search of the best universities in the United States, choosing one can be quite a challenge considering a large number of reputable colleges and universities in the country. However, this list of comprehensive and reputable universities in the country are among the finest ones that offer graduate degrees in several fields including law, business, engineering, medicine and liberal arts. Learn more about each of these schools as you check out this list, as well as relevant links to each university.

10. Georgetown University

Georgetown University

This Jesuit private university is located in Washington, D.C. As of 2010, its total enrollment was 16,937, and 7,579 of these are in the undergraduate level. Moreover, it is one of the many universities in the country with a large population of international students coming from several parts of the globe. One of its outstanding and renowned alumni is Bill Clinton.

9. Duke University

Duke University is situated in Durham, in North Carolina. Its fascinating campus features an astounding Gothic revival form of architecture in its campus center, and you can find top-notch and modern research facilities to enrich your overall learning experience. Aside from Duke University, nearby establishments include the North Carolina State and UNC Chapel Hill, which together comprise the research triangle. It is also believed that Duke has the highest percentage of MDs and PhDs throughout the world.

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8. Brown University

A renowned university in Providence, Rhode Island is the prestigious Brown University. Its location gives it an easy access to New York City and Boston. This remarkable university is considered as the most liberal of all the Ivy Schools in the country. In fact, students are given the chance to devise their preferred plan of study because of the school’s flexible curriculum. The university also focuses more on undergraduate study unlike research universities such as Harvard and Columbia.

7. Stanford University

Stanford University is situated near Palo Alto, in the state of California. Among all the universities on the country’s west coast, Stanford is the most selective because of its low acceptance rate. Nevertheless, it is one of the few US universities with reputable teaching and research centers in the world. For undergraduate or graduate students who are in search of a prestigious and laudable university that is not prone to harsh winters, Stanford is certainly a great option. Its mild climate and stunning environment make it a fine choice for most students.

6. Cornell University

Cornell is among the many universities in the United States with a large population of undergraduate students. In addition, the university is famous for a wide range of fields including liberal arts, law, and business. Although the university is bound to give you cold winters, its fine location will compensate for it. Cornell University overlooks the picturesque Lake Cayuga, and you can find beautiful gorges that cut through this reputable campus.

5. Princeton University

According to national rankings, this university frequently joins Harvard in the list of top universities in the United States. However, there are several differences between the two when it comes to location, population, and educational environment. For instance, Princeton University covers a stunning 500-acre area with only 30,000 residents. Its student population is also smaller with only about 5,000 undergraduates and a little over 2,000 graduate students. As compared to other high-ranking universities, Princeton offers a more intimate kind of educational environment.

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4. Columbia University

Those who prefer a university in an urban setting will appreciate Columbia University. This renowned institution is located in Upper Manhattan, and it is just right on the subway line. Hence, students will have no trouble going around New York City. However, this school is a research institution, and only one-thirds of its students are in the undergraduate level.

3. University of Pennsylvania

The campus is located along Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River, and it is not far from the Center City. The University of Pennsylvania is also famous for its Wharton School, which is a reputable business school in the United States. It also boasts of a high percentage of its graduate and undergraduate programs that reach the top spots in national rankings. Lastly, it has nearly 12,000 undergraduates and graduate students, which makes it one of the biggest Ivy League universities.

2. Yale University

Yale is among the widely recognized university, along with Princeton and Harvard. It is located in New Haven, in Connecticut, and it offers a quick access for students to reach Boston or New York City by rail or road. Its student to faculty ratio is 5 to 1, and you can rely on the excellent research and teaching experience that the university offers.

1. Harvard University

In most rankings, Harvard University consistently reaches the top spot. Its endowment is also considered as one of the largest among any other educational institutions throughout the world. With such massive resources, you can expect numerous benefits such as state-of-the-art facilities, world-renowned faculty, scholarship options, and exceptional educational experience. The university is situated in Cambridge, in Massachusetts, and its is located nearby other top-performing schools such as Boston University and MIT.

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