Top 10 Different types of Marriage

Different types of MarriageFor some people, marriage has become complicated because of the existence of newer types of marriage. The following are the 10 different types of marriage practiced in several countries including the key features of each.

10. Boston Marriage

Boston Marriage has some similarities with same sex marriage, except for the fact that the former applies with women only. In this type of marriage, women who live together may or may not share any sexual relationship, yet they are legally married. It was originally practiced during the early 19th or 20th century, and women treat each other as a couple instead of as merely female friends. For those who are in this marriage, they believe that it is much easier for them to have a lasting connection with other females than individuals of the opposite sex.

9. Polygyny and Polyandry

With polygyny, men are legally married to several women, and the concept behind this type of marriage is influenced by sociological, economic, and biological factors. Moreover, men in the Middle East Asia, as well as Muslims, are engaged in polygyny. One the other hand, polyandry is practiced by women who have many husbands. This is less typical than, polygyny, though, even if it is applied in a few countries throughout the world.

8. Levirate and Sororate

The term levirate came from “levir”, a word that means “husband’s brother”. It is type of polygamy that allows men to marry the widow of his deceased brother. Primarily, this practice began during the time of ancient Hebrews including Christian societies. Some places such as the southern part of Sudan refer to it as ghost marriage. A similar idea applies to sorrorate marriage, although this system allows a widower to wed the sister of his wife. One of the most common reasons for the practice of this marriage is infertility, which makes it a solution for increasing one’s tribe.

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7. Polyamory

Polyamory is otherwise called as bisexuality. While this practice is practiced in several countries, it is not legal in most places in the world. In this form of marriage, men and women are engaged in a number of sexual relationships. For bisexuals, this practice allows them to express there preference for both sexes. However, it is not commonly accepted by the society because of morality reasons.

6. Hypogyny and Hypergyny

Both of these terms have somewhat similar concepts. For instance, hypogyny is a type of marriage system in which women marry someone who is of lower age, rank or social status. Hypergyny, on the other hand, deals with the marriage of women to a man who is more prominent in the society. In most cases, it is practiced in areas where dowry rituals are important, as this enables the family of the bride to pay a large sum that will match the groom’s status. This represents men’s dominance in the society, or the idea that in terms of population, men outnumber women.

5. Common Law Marriage

In its every essence, common law marriage is considered as informal or defacto since couples are only married on a contract basis. In some countries, this marriage has already been legalized, yet in other places, it is referred to as “cohabitation”. It may appear as a western or modern concept, yet it is among the oldest types of marriage that is still practiced by some couples at present. Furthermore, couples practice a monogamous marriage, and only legal divorces or separation can end the bond as married individuals.

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4. After Death Marriage

As strange as this concept may seem, this type of marriage is legal in some countries such as France. It gives an individual a right to marry someone of the opposite sex for eternities. In simpler terms, couples remain married even after their death. The society accepts this form of marriage because it encourages loyalty and commitment, and it concretizes the idea “marriage made in heaven”. Unfortunately, it is a rare type of marriage that is only practiced in a few countries.

3. Open Marriage

Open marriage encourages the union of a man and a woman while legalizing extramarital affairs for the couple. Hence, they are allowed to maintain other relationships within their marriage terms. Another kind of open marriage is called swinging, yet it is not accepted by the society since people conceal their relationships from their friends and family members.

2. Same Sex Marriage

This type of marriage paves the way for lesbian and gay couples to live together as legally married couples. What makes it unique is that these individuals of the same sex share a monogamous marriage. Although they are not biologically capable to produce children of their own, they are allowed to consider adoption.

1. Monogamy

Monogamy refers to marriage to one person until death, and it is accepted socially in all parts of the world. For some couples, monogamy is arranged, while others choose to get married out of love. Strict monogamy is the practice of marrying one person throughout his or her lifetime, and serial monogamy refers to getting married more than once, although a person is allowed to marry one person at a time.

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