Top 10 English Animation Movies

Animated films may be entertaining, funny and endearing, but there is something more that these movies offer than laughter. These animated movies are certainly not for kids only because they teach important values that we often overlook. Hence, it pays to watch some of the finest English animation movies that will not only give us plenty of reasons to laugh, but will also warm our hearts and open our mind. Check out these top 10 of the best English animation films of all time.

10. Kung Fu Panda

Animation movie- Kung Fu Panda

From the outside, Po may seem like your regular cuddly panda who tends to get into some mischief from time to time. In fact, nobody may even mistake him to be some Kung Fu expert because of his humungous size and clumsiness. However, looks can be deceiving since the things we expect is not always presented the way they are. With a little bit of practice, discipline and determination, Po proved himself worthy to be the Dragon Warrior – and everyone agreed with him when he won that final battle against his toughest opponent.

9. Up

Animation Movie- Up

Grumpy Carl, who’s in his late 70’s, decided to set out on an action-packed adventure to witness the beauty of South America. With his ingenuity, a little help from wilderness explorer Russell, and thousands of balloons, he was able to fulfill his (and his late wife’s) lifelong dream. This movie is filled with exciting adventures and plenty of life lessons that will make you want to watch it over and over.

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8. Toy Story

Animation movie- Toy Story

Life is never dull when you have a best friend to share life with. Although Woody was never a big fan of Buzz the first time they met, these two learned to get along after they surpassed their roller-coaster kind of an adventure. Together, they were able to face the worst such as battling with Sid, nearly being blasted to space, and desperately trying to get on the car with Andy. Fortunately, they succeeded in everything they did because they learned to accept each other completely.

7. Peter Pan

Animation movie- Peter Pan

Being a kid may be tough, particularly when you live in the same island with the sly and wicked Captain Hook. However, nothing is impossible to achieve with faith, hope, and pixie dust! Together with the Lost Boys, Peter, Wendy, John and Michael were able to surpass all the challenges in Neverland. What’s more, the Darling kids were able to sail back home on a flying ship, and they brought with them the lovely memory of being in Neverland, at least once in their lives.

6. Shrek


He may be tough from the outside, but Shrek is your regular guy who knows how to care – deep down that menacing exterior. With his trusted pal, Donkey, he was able to save Fiona from a high tower guarded by the fierce dragon. But not only that, he eventually got a fine reward that he never assumed he would one day get, and that is to find his one true love.

5. Cars


All throughout Mc Queen’s career, he only wanted one thing, and that is to win a Piston Cup. Unfortunately, there are so many things that tend to get on the way, and it all started when he found himself stuck in the Route 66. However, there’s always something to learn with each misadventure that comes one’s way, and Mc Queen understood that there is indeed more to racing than getting a trophy. Friendship matters more than any other Piston Cup, thanks to what Doc Hudson’s guidance and inspiration.

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4. Planes


Dusty may be just your regular crop-duster, but he has big dreams of joining Wings Around the Globe. Sure, he nearly died just by attempting to fly low (he’s scared of heights!), but his efforts paid off when he emerged as the victorious winner at the end of the competition. To make things even better for this plane, he gained several friends along the way.

3. Finding Nemo


Marlin sure is one over-protective father to his only son, Nemo. It’s hard to blame him, anyway, because he just lost his wife and kids to a ferocious shark. Fortunately, Marlin learned to relax and accept that when it’s time to let go, all he needs to do is to have a little faith in his kid. With a bunch of friends including Dory, Crush, and Nigel the Pelican, he found himself reunited with his beloved son whom he thought he would never see ever again.

2. Chicken Little


Chicken Little had a nasty reputation from his hometown, thanks to that alien invasion craze, which made people think he was crazy. It sure was tough getting back on track and going above and beyond a bad start, but he was able to succeed in his goals. After that big break when he hit a homerun, he knew there is something more that he can do instead of remaining as a scary little chicken. What’s more, he got to prove himself to everyone, at the end of the film.

1. Pinnocchio


There would always be temptations around, and resisting them could be tough at times – and Pinnocchio knew exactly how it was like to fail and get stuck in an unfortunate situation because of his bad decisions. Good thing his conscience Jiminy Cricket was always there to save the day. After a couple of mishaps and near-death experiences, Pinnocchio soon learned how to make the best decision, even if it meant having to risk his life for his beloved dad, Geppetto.

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