Best High Quality iPhone 6 Battery Cases in 2017 Review

The advent of iPhone 6 came as a great excitement among most people across the globe. Currently, iPhone 6 still remains a big thing in the market. Its use keeps escalating by the day. In fact there are so many things you can do with your iPhone 6. The problem is that you might require constant power supply for charging the gadget in order to enjoy using it as much as you wish. This means that you might face problems when using your iPhone 6 especially in remote places. It is for this reason that some companies came up with an initiative of making iPhone 6 battery cases. These cases come with an extra battery which can be of much help in backing up the power of your iPhone 6. Aside from that, the cases play the role of preventing your smartphone from potential damages like scratches.

Below is a list of 10 high quality and reliable iPhone 6 battery cases you should consider:

9. iPhone 6s Battery Cases – iPhone 6 Battery Cases, Trianium Atomic S iPhone Portable Charger

iPhone 6 Battery Cases

The case features a powerful rechargeable battery which has the capacity to offer up to 100% prolonged life for your iPhone 6. To be precise, the case can support your iPhone 6 for 14 hours longer. Note that this is in addition to the span supported by the internal battery of the smartphone. This means that your browsing experience will be greatly enhanced by this case.

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The resilient design of this case allows you to monitor the battery level. This is made possible with the help of LED indicator. Not to mention, the case allows for easy access to the side buttons and the screen while offering utmost safety for your iPhone 6.

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8. iPhone 6 Battery Cases, ZuZo External Protective iPhone 6 Battery Case

iPhone 6 Battery Case

This case is designed for iPhone 6 4.7 inches and not any other model. It is however one of the best battery cases which can greatly complement your experience with iPhone 6. It might interest you to know that the power capacity of this battery case is 3200mAh. This means that the output power of this case is incredibly high and with the capacity to support your smartphone for a considerably long time.

The fact that this battery case allows for easy access to all functions and key features of your phone makes it an ideal selection. You will have no issues accessing the camera, speakers, jack ports and other controls.

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7. iPhone 6s Battery Case, i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 4.7 Inch External Battery Case Charger

i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 Battery Case

This is yet another release which is designed for iPhone 6 4.7 inches only. To begin with, this case is not in any way an added bulk for you. This means that you can conveniently carry it around without experiencing discomfort. The 3200mAh capacity of this case ensures that your iPhone 6 battery remains full to capacity for the longest time. Important to note, this case has been certified and endorsed by Apple company hence you should not doubt its authenticity.

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6. iPhone 5C Battery Case, iPhone SE/5S Battery Case, Alpatronix BX120plus 2400mAh

iPhone 6 Battery Cases

The fact that this battery case is certified by the Apple Company makes it appealing and worth your consideration. It comes with a couple of features that makes the use of iPhone 6 even better and enjoyable. The case is designed in a manner that you can easily charge the battery without necessarily removing the cover. Other openings are positioned strategically to ensure that you access all the ports in your smartphone conveniently.

What’s more, this case comes with high protection assurance. It has been tested and confirmed to be the ultimate protection for the external surface of your iPhone 6.

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5. Battery Case for iPhone 6 / 6s, External Protective Charging Case

iPhone 6 Battery Case

Aside from offering prolonged life for your battery, this case also offers the ultimate protection for your iPhone 6. It comes with a hard back-plate to ensure that your phone is protected from scratches and other potential damages. The battery case also features a sleek design to ensure that you slide it in your pocket conveniently. What’s more, the case features a protective IC circuit meant to keep your phone safe from short-circuiting.

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4. iPhone 6 Battery Cases – UNU DX Protective iPhone 6 Battery Case

UNU iPhone 6 Battery CaseIt provides a high power output which is enough to support your iPhone 6 for a considerably long time. Interestingly, the battery capacity of this case equals an addition of 10 hours talk time. Not to mention, the battery case comes with a bonus of a screen protector. You can therefore be assured of using your iPhone 6 for a longer duration while ensuring its utmost safety.

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3. For iphone 6 Black 3500mAh External Battery 4.7″ Case Charger Portable Charger

iPhone 6 Battery Case

The LED indicator that comes with this iPhone 6 battery case allows the user to monitor power consumption. This means that you will be on alert when the battery is about to run out. In addition, the case has an in built short circuit protector to ensure that your battery and phone are safe from unexpected power surges. The external surfaces of your iPhone 6 are kept safe since the case is ultra-resistant to scratches and other damages.

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2. Kujian iPhone 6S External Battery Backup Charger Case 3200mAh

iPhone 6 Battery Case

The unique thing about this battery case is that it has a large capacity of 3200mAh. In fact, the battery has the capacity to offer over 150% charge for your smartphone. The battery is of high quality and with full guarantee for durability. The case is also very slim to ensure that you carry it around conveniently. It can easily slide in your pocket.

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1. NewNow Apple iPhone 6(4.7 inches) 3200mAh Detachable USB External Battery Case

iPhone 6 Detachable Battery Case

You will like the fact that this battery case comes with a USB cable to allow you charge the battery from a computer. The USB cable also gives you room to use your iPhone 6 while still charging. This is for the fact that the cable is long enough. Important to note, you can detach the case at your own convenience. It is not a hustle to do so.

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It is clear that there is a wide variety of iPhone 6 cases at your disposal. It is therefore your obligation to make your ultimate selection. You can be assured that your experience with iPhone 6 will be complemented since battery charge will no longer be an issue.

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