Top 10 Important Life Lessons to Learn in School

School is not just about learning the basic facts of math and learning to read. It teaches students valuable life lessons which they will take with them and use throughout their lives. Many important life lessons that we learn in school have nothing at all to do with school work, but more to do with getting through life and figuring out how to exist in our society.

1. Childhood friends are forever

We make one or two really great friends in school and this is a relationship that will last throughout our lives. Children form bonds of loyalty and are there for one another throughout their school lives and the same is true into adulthood. You will never find another friend as good as the friend you made in your childhood.

2. Social Hierarchy

There were nerds, bullies, the cool kids, jocks, princesses and a variety of other types of people in school. You will always find these same people throughout your life, even as you move into the workplace.

3. Time management

As a small child, your parents manage your time and make sure that you get to every life event on time, but as you get older, they pass those responsibilities onto you and expect you to figure it out yourself. When you become an adult it is up to you to manage your time carefully and thoughtfully. You learn as you get old exactly how important it is to manage your time and make the most of each day.

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4. How to Stand up for yourself

As a child, you had to learn the hard way that there would be other children that would target you and tease you. Unfortunately, it is human nature to spot a weakness and tease about it. As a child you had to learn to stand up for yourself and stop the bullies from coming at you by establishing that you were not a target. Once learned, this skill is one that you use for the rest of your life.

5. Honesty is important

In grade school, you may have told a little lie or two to avoid getting into trouble. The result of that was that you probably felt guilty for a long time afterward so it was not really worth telling that lie. Honesty can be difficult at times, but it is always the best way to deal with every situation.

6. Focus and pay attention

Many children find it difficult to sit still and focus on the lessons that are being taught in the classroom. It is those children that have a difficult time learning because they miss a lot. You probably learned early in school that it was important to pay attention to what was going on in the classroom or you would be left behind academically.

7. The opposite sex is complicated

Small children play together, boys and girls, but as they grow older, they divide up into distinct groups separated by sex. You probably learned early in life that it is difficult to approach the opposite sex and make meaningful conversation. This certainly does not change in later years.

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8. Peer Pressure can be bad

If you give in to what your friends are pressuring you to do, it is generally something that is not good. In school it may have been friends pressuring you to smoke a cigarette or try drugs or alcohol. An important life lesson is to not give in to that peer pressure but to do the right thing.

9. Every decision you make has a consequence

As a child, your decisions were not that earth shattering, but you learned how to make decisions for yourself. This is important because people who are indecisive are unhappy and can never make a decision about anything that matters.

10. It is important to treat people with respect

Treat people as you would like to be treated – while this sounds like a simple concept, it is plain to see that plenty of people never learned this lesson in school or otherwise. You will always need to deal with people that you don’t like that much, the important thing is to remember to be fair and honest with your dealings with people you come across in life.

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