Top 10 Korean Movies in 2013

In the year 2013, many outstanding movies were released and many of them that topped the charts were Korean movies. Now that we have gone past the final quarter of the year, it’s perfect time to know which Korean movies ranked in top 10 in 2013.

10. My Paparotti

This is a true story which is based on inspiring events that happened to Kim Ho-Joong. The film started appearing on 18th July 2009 on a Korean Tv named STARKING. In this show, My Paparotti has won the love of many people through displaying exceptional singingtalents. However, people got very perplexed when they got to know his background story where he faced hardships in his childhood and grew to join local gangs. After his grandmother convinced him out of this,the rest is just history.

9. Fists of Legend

Korean movie- Fists of Legend

This is a television program which brings together three fierce rivals who were once very good friends. These old friends have an opportunity to win a whopping $200,000. However, it has been more than 25 years since these friends fought back. Deok-kyu and Sang-hoon who runs noodle shop. However, Jae-seok is engaged in the activities of a low grade gang.

8. Very Ordinary Couple

Korean movie- Very Ordinary Couple

This movie features Dong-Hee and Young who are employees of the same bank. They dated for almost three years and decided to break but moved on to convince their friends that all well. But during the bank’s get together dinner party, they have a massive party which makes others know that they dated. Between them, the game for tit for tat commences and people start wondering if they can live together or not.

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7. Montage

korean movie- Montage

This is a crime thriller which is all about solving a crime relating to kidnapping and murder of a girl about 15 years ago. Chung-Ho, a detective tries to solve this puzzle before the statute of limitation prevents him. But there is another abduction which takes place and which bears a lot of similarity to the one Chung-Ho has been investigating. This provides Chung-Ho with a new puzzle to handle and the girl’s father is left to investigate the case on his own.

6. The Tower

korean movie- The Tower

This movie concerns a party which was held by a high rise building for its rich tenants and VIP guests. However, the party becomes a nightmare when fire breaks out and Dae-ho, the administrator of the building musters extra courage and talks with Young-ki-the chief and legend of Yoido-Fire-Station who helps to save the guests and their lived ones.

5. Man-on-the-Edge

Korean movie- Man-on-the-Edge

This movie stars Gwang-Ho who works as a trusted man of crime lord who gets into a blade fight with Tae-Joo. Because of this fight, he injures his palm which ends up changing his fate. A series of events comes up which leads to him being a fortune teller. This also makes Gwang-Ho to start living a double life as a crime boss and fortune teller.

4. New World

korean movie- New World

This movie is about Goldmoon which ranks as one of the biggest crime organizations in the country and which its powers expand pretty quickly. Ja-Seoung who heads a police investigation department is sent to carry out investigations about the company. The name of the undercover operation is dubbed “New World”. But in the process, Ja-Seoung faces some dilemma since he was supposed to choose to follow the orders of Jeong Cheong or Kang.

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3. Secretly Greatly

korean movie- Secretly Greatly

The movie shows Won Ryu-Hwan from North Korean Forces who are highly trained to kill. He lives as a mentally incapacitated man in South Korea while on a spying mission. He is previleged to meet two other Korean spies.They are Lee Hae-Rang and Ri Hae-Jin. These men live in a poor neighborhood without being detected waiting for orders which finally arrive.

2. The Berlin File

korean movie- The Berlin File

Berlin is one of North Korean agents who’s in the center of financial espionage. Because of this, he is betrayed and cut loose. He tries to flee with his wife from North Korea so as to avoid being eliminated with the assistance of a translator from North Korean embassy. But he is being pursued by smart detectives from South and North Korea.

1. Miracle in-Cell No.7

koran movie- Miracle in-Cell No.7

Yong-Goo, a mentally ill man becomes a victim of circumstances when he is falsely of rape and murder. When in prison he assists to save the life of Yang-ho a cell mate. Yang-ho offers his gratitude by expressing a wish to know and meet with his daughter whose name is Ye-Seung.

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