Top 10 most followed hollywood stars on twitter

Let us have a look at the top 10 celebrities having the maximum number of followers on twitter.

1- Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the youngest and the most followed celebrity on twitter with a fan following of about more than 40,987,383. He is known to join twitter in the year 2009 on October 1s.

2- Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

With about more than 38,695,740 followers, Lady Gaga is considered to be the 2nd most followed celebrity on twitter. She is known to lead her own fight against life taking diseases like AIDS and HIV. Her twitter handle is @ladygaga.

3- Katy Perry

Katy Perry

You would see the message “Back to Twerk” on her official twitter. Born on 25h October, 1984 she is the most popular American born pop singer. She also was a guest judge on American Idol in the year 2010. Her official twitter handle is @Katyperry.

4- Rihanna


Robyn Rihanna Fenty, more commonly known as Rihanna is considered to be twitter’s one of the most popular celebrities on twitter. She has a fan following of about 30,243,193. She is the leading singer across the world. Her first album launched was Music of the Sun in the year 2005. Her twitter handle is @rihanna. She is a regular member of twitter. She is found to tweet for at least 7 times per day on an average.

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5- Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The most popular American singer ranks sixth among the most followed celebrities on twitter. Taylor Swift has approximately about more than 29,900,000 followers on twitter. She is a very active social worker and is an active member of the natural disaster relief clubs, supports LGB anti-discrimination efforts, art education and charity for sick children. The official twitter account of Taylor Swift id @taylorswift13. She is a very rare tweeter on twitter with an average of only 1 tweet per day.

6- Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears, the American singing sensation ranks 7th in the list of the most followed celebrities on twitter. She has a fan following of about more than 28,621,000 approximately. Born on 2nd December, 1981 she is a dancer cum actress cum pop-singer. Her debut album was “baby one more time” and was released in the year 1999. Her twitter handle is @britneyspears and she has a net worth of about 58% million.

7- Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Born on January 31, 1981, Justin Timberlake is twitter’s 8th most followed celebrity with about 22,066,658 followers on twitter. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His official twitter handle is @jimberlake. He tweets about only twice per day on an average. His fan following greatly increased after the release of his famous movie ”Friends with benefits”.

8- Shakira


Shakira is a Colombian dancer, singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, model and choreographer. She serves to be twitter’s 9th most followed celebrity with about 21,057,814 followers. Born on 2nd February in the year 1977. She is the most popular pop singers worldwide. Her hit song ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ was rated as the no.1 song in more than 50 countries worldwide. She is presently married to Gerard Pique, a Spanish football star. You will be amazed to know that she is the leading advocate for Early childhood development and education. Her official twitter handle is @shakira and on an average she tweets only about two times per day.

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9- Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is considered to be America’s one of he most popular celebrities and has quite a good number of songs and movies under her belt. You would be more than delighted to know that she is not just an actor, she is a businesswoman cum philanthropist cum entertainer cum producer. She is known to join twitter in the year 2008 on 26th September. The most amazing fact about her is that she has about more than 20,071,207 followers on twitter. Usually she tweets about 5 times per day on an average. Her Hollywood career had begun in the year 1991 and she has been continuing it successfully ever since. The current net worth of Jennifer Lopez is about 250$ million. The twitter handle of Jennifer Lopez is @Jlo.

10- Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

She is considered to be a very popular Hollywood celebrity of Hollywood with a twitter following of about more than 18,000,000. Her twitter handle is @KimKardashian.

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