Top 10 Reasons Why Jealousy Is Bad

Jealousy is a natural part of life, and most of us experience it to some degree, either in our relationships with family members, friends or lovers. Jealous people always suffer from various challenges including fear, loneliness, distrust and suspicion, among many other negative effects. Furthermore, it instills in them, negative thoughts, insecurity and other negative feelings.

Reasons Why Jealousy Is Bad

It is often a painful emotional response that occurs mostly in relationships when a third party becomes a threat in a certain way. Jealousy is also known as a mental cancer and a jaundice of the soul. It can be seen in people of all ages. As to any other fact, there is some reasons behind it, and to prove that jealousy is bad, there are several facts to support it. The following is a list of the top 10 reasons that reveal why jealousy is a useless emotion, and why you should steer away from it.

1. Jealousy affects your success ratio

The intensity of jealousy can greatly affect your career and thus determine the success ratio in your life; if the intensity is high, then success less. Jealousy at a workplace for instance, can affect the success in your career really badly. If you envy your friend(s) at work, then most probably, you may end up insulting them in any way you can. This leads to a really bad impression of your personality, and people, including your boss, see you differently.

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2. Jealousy is a distraction

New studies now suggest that jealousy is “blinding”. A study by University of Delaware researchers found that men and women, who were distracted by unpleasant emotional images, could not recognize familiar images. The researchers revealed that social relationships that affect the mental and physical health, including jealousy, literally affect what we see.

3. Makes you feel miserable about yourself

Jealousy makes you sad, and you develop some fear in your life. You start to look down upon yourself and not appreciate even your greatest achievements in life because you feel miserable about everything in your life. It affects your thinking and you only see the negative side of things in your life. It is a stumbling block to a new life and success, because the fear it has instilled in you will stop you from going for what you want.

4. Impacts your health negatively

Jealousy causes people to have a low self-esteem and blame the rest of the world for their own shortcomings. They always point fingers at other instead of looking the person responsible for their mess right in front of their mirror. In many cases, jealousy is huge contributing factor to unhealthy and chaotic life. When you are jealous, you are stressed, affecting your health negatively, paving way for other health problems such as asthma, cancer and heart diseases.

5. Affects your social life negatively

Social life is a very integral part of our everyday life; it is the time that we spend with friends and people whom we love, and enjoy time with, to be happy and forget the tension and worries of the world. Through socialization, we also get to meet new friends and this can even open a door for success in life. However, jealousy can destroy this part of your life completely; no one will socialize with you and you end up leaving a miserable lonely life.

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6. Destroys relationships

This is one the greatest impacts of jealousy. Getting a perfect partner in a relationship is always a big challenge. And when you get him/her, things can turn out to be very tricky for both of you due to jealousy. No matter the state of your relationship, jealousy can prove a huge stumbling block to a “love that could have been”, and you end up losing one you really love.

7. Can lead you to crime

Jealousy can make you make poor decisions in life, and you may end up behind bars and live to regret for a long time. If you are driven by jealousy, you may follow the wrong path so as to take revenge, and such a decision you make while angry, can ruin your life.

8. Makes you feel lonely

If you are a jealous person, then you will be left all alone in the end. No one will be interested in your company, or share your feelings, or love you, take care of you, support you through the hard times or guide you to regain your normal life. Jealousy will take from you, everyone you love, and you will be all, but alone. This vicious emotion can thus ruin your life.

9. It leads to depression

Jealousy torments your mind, and keeps you thinking throughout, particularly when you are alone. You become depressed because you have nowhere to seek help, no one to talk to or nothing to do about it. Your close friends and even family members detach their relation strings from you and not unless you change, there is no way out of the depression.

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10. You can easily be judged by others

Jealousy invites all forms of judgments from other people; be it your family members, colleagues from work, or even friends. Obviously, these judgments are unfavorable and people look at you differently from the way they used to. You become a topic of discussion in small lunch time catch-up-groups at work, and a point of jealousy reference.

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