Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

When women retire, they tend to get emotional regardless of how her work habits were. One thing that a woman who is planning for retirement would cherish is the great time which he or she has spends with you. If a person you have worked with, a family member or a friend is retiring and wondering what kind of a gift to offer her, here are top ten gift ideas for women.

1. Chocolates and Flowers

Naturally, women are known to love flowers and chocolates just in the manner that men love whiskey. So when women retired, consider gifting her an orchid bouquet or a lily bouquet together with organic or dark chocolates. It’s important that you ensure the gift looks premium and beautiful and she will definitely love it. To complete the set of retirement gift, you can consider adding a full box of tea lights.

2. Gift Baskets

retirement idea gift for women

There are several types of gift baskets in the market which you can choose for a woman who is retiring. You can opt for several small gifts or one big one. Alternatively, you can choose to combine both the ideas so as to make something unique. Make sure that the gift baskets has chocolates, flowers, perfumes, books or any other item which the retiring woman may like. Try your best and make the collection appear as it was specifically picked for her. You can as well opt to buy her wine and fruit gift baskets.

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3. Flutes and Engraved glasses


This makes a fantastic gift for women who fancy soft drinks and champagne. To make the gift special, you can ask for her name to be engraved in the flutes and the glasses. It may also be a good idea is a special congratulatory message is engraved in the glasses. Making the gift as unique and special as the box that packages it will indeed be a great idea for the retiring woman. Anytime the flutes get out, she will always be able to remember you.

4. Spa Vouchers

spa voucher

After many stressful hours of work, every woman would really love to get something that can help get out the stress. A spa voucher can help keep the woman fresh and ready for the next day. There are many kinds of vouchers which can be used just once or for many times. Well, this gift may appear smaller, but one of the most valuable that you can offer a retiring woman.

5. Hair and Skin Care Gift Basket

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

While women are mostly conscious about their beauty, older ones are indeed more sensitive to this. There are many high grade and luxurious brands that can help them attain great beauty in the market. By gifting her with a luxurious collection of pricey skin and hair products, she will indeed be very much appreciative. As soon as she sees those gifts, her face will already be glowing!

6. Mementos and Keepsakes

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

These things will have to be there and nothing works! With a few keepsakes, you can make the retirement of any lady a worthwhile experience. You can scour through the office and if you really get a good picture of her with colleagues in the office, you can pick it up and gift it to her. You can make this even better when you combine it with a collage.

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7. Retirement Gags

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Make the old woman feel great about her retirement by gifting her with license plates, certificates, joke books and a wide range of other stuff that could assist her concentrate on her retirement in a meaningful manner. Make her know that retirement life is fun filled and when you gift her, she will react and create another special moment.

8. Clocks and other decorative

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

A decorative clock can indeed make a woman’s life much better. After some time of being out of the workplace, boredom will creep in. But since she will have the decorative artifacts, it can be a reminder how great her workplace was. Anytime she looks at these pictures, she will have the energy to move on with life.

9. Travel Vouchers

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Chances are that the retired lady will be traveling to some places and when you buy her travel vouchers, she can actually use them to reduce the burden on her pocket.

10. Novelty trophies

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Retired women can look at novelty trophies and be proud of the things they have achieved in their long careers. Make sure that the trophy which you gift her reflects he personality.

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