Top 10 Things of Wedding Planning You Mustn’t forget

A wedding is a very memorable event in ones life. Planning a wedding is a very hectic task that consumes a lot of time and energy. In order for that special moment to be as beautiful as you always wanted it to be, below are some very important things of wedding planning that you must not forget.

Top 10 Things of Wedding Planning You Mustn't forget

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1. Honeymoon

After the wedding ceremony is over, the newly married couple will go for their honeymoon. The place the couple will go for the honeymoon should be planned before the wedding. It can be selected based on the interest of the couple or be given as a surprise to them. Other things to keep in mind are; security fees, accommodation and transportation facilities for invited guests from other countries and the bridal party gifts.

2. Budget

Planning a wedding is normally very expensive especially if the engaged couple want a big wedding. People must prioritize their spending and be practical with their budget funds. If one is not able to know exactly how much money will be spent on planning the wedding, it’s advisable to seek the services of a budget planner who will assist you to calculate the total planning budget. Knowing the exact budget helps one spend well within his budget range.

3. Invitation Letter

Both the bridegroom and bride will invite relatives and friends to the wedding. Sending invitation cards preferably a month before the wedding helps to know who has been left out. The wedding invitations also allows you to roughly estimate about the number of people who will attend the wedding, thus the venue, food and seating arrangements can be made based on the number of guests expected.

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4. Venue

When planning for the wedding, one of the biggest decision to make is regarding the most appropriate venue for the wedding.Normally, for the engaged couple and their family members the best venue is the one which will make their wedding look grand and beautiful. The selected venue must be booked several months before the wedding so that everything can work out as planned. It’s also important to note that having the wedding and reception at the same venue is cheaper than having them take place in different venues.

5. Wedding officiant

Wedding officiants are very important in a wedding because they perform the wedding rituals. If the engaged couple have their own preferred marriage officiant, then they have to be flexible with their time. The fee to be charged by the marriage officiant should also be discussed before the wedding in order to make sure that it does not strain the budget planned.

6. Entertainment

Entertainment is what makes the wedding exciting and memorable. The type of entertainment that everybody will enjoy should be well thought of; perhaps booking the best DJ can be a good idea. Having a variety genre of music is better because people of different cultures, languages, age etc will be well entertained.

7. Photographers and videographers

Everybody will certainly want the wedding memories to remain forever. The engaged couple should hire professional wedding videographers and photographers to capture the wedding events in their videos and cameras respectively. Due care must be taken to ensure only the most skilled and experienced wedding photographers and videographers are hired.However,if money is not enough, a family member can be requested to take the wedding photos.

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8. Food and catering

Most of the wedding venues provide the catering services, however, if your wedding venue does not provide the catering services, you should search for one and hire it preferably a month before the wedding. One may also consult the most experienced caterers who may come up with an entirely different menu from their normal menu to suit your wedding event.

9. Flowers and decorations

Having a specific theme and adding others colors which perfectly rhyme with it makes the wedding decorations look more beautiful. Decorating the venue with flowers, candles in colored water or submerged florals makes the wedding event look more eye catching. The couple can hire experienced wedding decorators and get the cost estimates from them or the they can use their own creativity and innovation to decorate the venue.

10. Wedding dress

The bride and bridegroom should shop around for the clothes which will make them look most classy and elegant. In case you want a unique dress for your wedding, you should order it at least four weeks before the wedding.

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