Top 10 Tips to Follow when You are Living Alone

Tips to Follow when You are Living AloneLiving alone can be very overwhelming particularly if you are doing it for the first time. Though many will say that this kind of lifestyle is the most desirable, when you finally get to move from the horror life of living with your parents, and achieve your heart desires, you will realize that living alone does not seem as shiny when viewed closely. It can be a dreary or fabulous experience. This form of life is all about the decisions you make and the way you run that single-person household. To maximize your solitary life, the key lies in quality, cleanliness, indulgence, socialization and quantity. The following are top 10 tips to follow when living alone.

1. Take care of security

Given the current situation of insecurity, your safety is the most crucial factor if you are living alone, and especially so if you are a girl. Be careful who you invite into the house and take extra precautions when you are alone at night. You can make duplicate copies of your house key and give them to someone you trust. Make friendship with some of your neighbors, whom you can trust. Invest in a good security system as well in order to sleep peacefully at night. You can install a video camera to know who’s at your door. Most importantly, keep a list of emergency numbers from the neighborhood.

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2. Relish this solo time

Living alone can be an isolating and lonely experience, but there are several ways to counteract this detrimental experience. Use most of your free time for self-reflection and actualization. If you want to grow into a better a person than you already are, read self-improvement books, meditate and ponder on things that you would not have had a chance to do. Take advantage of this short privileged time and practice good habits, do some crazy things and sleep longer.

3. Get your finances right

You will realize that, when living alone, you get to spend a lot of money. The location of where you live is very important. Consider settling for a tiny, cramped apartment at the city center for easy access to the bus subway routes to save on high rent and transport costs. Learn the basics of budgeting so that you don’t buy things just because you are bored.

4. Entertainment

Turn your house into a retreat, a place where you can get away from it all. Stock your home with accouterments you will need for the ultimate you-tailored retreat. After a long day of work, relax in your bath tub with a glass of wine and a book than heading into a club to dance the blues away. Have a good entertainment system in place to take care of your recreation needs when spending the night in.

5. Get your old hobbies back

At some point, you are going to get used to living alone. There is no better way to live alone than keeping yourself all busy and lively. Revisit your old hobbies you gave up due to time constraints or other reasons. In addition, this is the best time to take up a hobby that you have always wanted to start. This will help you keep your mind busy and off the fact that you are living alone.

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6. Cleanliness

One of the major perks of living alone is that you can make and clean up the house at your own pace. As you enjoy the privileges of a solitary life, you should exercise your right to make a mess and keep the house as clean as possible. The slightest slack up in your daily cleanliness routine could lead to a smelly and stinking house, infestation by roaches and rats and overall, an extremely unpleasant environment to live in.

7. Decorate as you wish

The best thing about living alone is that you don’t have to answer to anyone, and that you make all the decisions. You can decorate the house just as it pleases you. The choice of furniture, artwork, light and furnishings all lie with you. You can decide to put things that stimulate you, pictures that make you happy or arrange for neutral or bright colors as you see fit.

8. Go out

The worst thing you can do while living alone is to spend most of your time indoors all alone. Just because you live alone does not mean that you have to be alone in the house throughout. Spend time outside with close friends and family members rather than sitting at home alone. This way, you will realize that time is going fast and even forget that you are all by yourself in a house.

9. Keep your social calendar packed

Research shows that people living alone are more apt to socialize with their friends. It is important to schedule these things when living by yourself. Friendship plays a bigger part in several factors of your life, and taking time to bond with friends can be very rewarding. You can invite friends over and take advantage of having a place of your own and have the time of your life.

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10. Food

Eating out can be a very expensive and unhealthy option. Therefore, follow some simple tips to reduce the tragedy of additional work. Shop for food from your local grocery, cook extra food and freeze them. Instead of deserts, eat delicious fruits from your fridge or still, ice cream. Ensure that you have raw foods almost all the time. This way, you can save on money, time and effort and benefit your health.

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