Top 10 Ways to Deal with Sulking Girlfriend

Ways to Deal with Sulking GirlfriendThe moment you realize that your girlfriend sulking is a monumental turning point in your relationship. The silent treatments, the moods swings, silent treatments and adult tantrums are natural responses one can expect from any relationship, and often confused with immaturity. Girls are naturally susceptible to sulking simply because they love you and expect the same from you. Sulking for baseless reasons however, is not the right sign and can take your relationship to a disappointing breakup.

Sulking is always short lived, and there are ways that you can approach it to rekindle your love life again. If you are looking to avoid an unnecessary breakup, want to get your chattering, all smiley girlfriend back, then the following 10 tips is all you need to deal with her sulkiness.

1. Never give up on her!

If your heart tells you that she is “the one”; your ultimate soul mate, then never call it quits. You surely cannot let her go and become a loser. Take her as the most special girl you’ve ever met and everything about her is special, including her “madness”. There is nothing wrong if she is worth it. Give her a hug, and make her feel special around your arms. If you truly love her, she will soon realize that sulking is not the way to go, and instead, she can love you back. Make her see that she is lucky to have a guy like you and that you expect her to love you the same, and forget the less useless fights.

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2. The 3 magical words

Those three words, “I LOVE YOU”, can work some magic indeed. Say them right in front of her face, like you mean, and she will melt away even when things are sour. Even if she does not listen to you for the first few times, repeat over and over again, and she will give in at last. If she does not want to listen, you can leave her a love note, a voice message or sing her a love song.

3. Avoid what’s in the past

Past arguments and fights can worsen your current situation. Avoid such statements as “You are always the cause of this” or “it’s not the first time you have mistreated me”. Such statements not only help to destroy your relationship, but also spoil your love life and take away the credibility in it. Try as much as you can to avoid touching sensitive past arguments because you love each other and what’s in the past should be forgotten.

4. Make her feel special and she will realize it by herself

Girls are emotional, and they always want to be loved the way they are. Love her the way she is because that’s how she caught your attention when you first met. Don’t take her as an irritator or dumb person, but appreciate her the way she thinks, sees and understands things. Let her understand your side of story as well.

5. Find the cause of the matter

You have to find the real cause of her sulkiness and also, have to understand her insecurities, her perspective and visions. At times, she might be wrong, but the way she sees things is different than your perspective. This all comes down to her upbringing, her past life experiences and the extent of love she has received before. You therefore, need to be understanding and always try to get into her shoes.

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6. Open up to her

You cannot allow her tantrums and mood swings dominate every situation you find yourselves in. It is therefore important that you talk to her, calmly, and tell her where she goes wrong as per your observation. Tell her to change as that behavior is not acceptable. This way, she will realize where she is wrong and try to avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.

7. Remind her of the precious moments

You two might be in a fight, and she might be sulking, but one thing’s for sure, you must have had a precious moment together you both cherish in your love life. From those first moments when you first met, the love sessions you have shared together, the travels and all those great moments. This is the right time to play her those videos, show her those photos.

8. Those little things count…

Naturally, when a girl is mad, she wants to be taken out to or bought expensive gifts. However, they also appreciate small things from their lovers, helping out with the normal chores, cooking dinner, staying at home with them or even getting them their favorite movies.

9. Assume what she says, she’s angry!

Normally, when a couple is arguing, anything they say can take the argument to another level. It is therefore important that you do not take any of her complaints seriously from your heart. She is, just like any other woman, prone to make the matter dramatic and say things that she actually doesn’t mean. So when she is sulking and says things that hurt you, remember that she is just angry and wants you to show her more love.

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10. Decide whether to approach her or to ignore

It is you to make the judgment and decide whether to discuss the matter with her or give her time to recover. You however, need to ensure that she does not feel like she is being neglected or unloved during this time. It is important that you wait for the right moment when things have cooled, and when she’s ready to listen. Do not leave her when she needs you the most, whether she is silent or not because women are naturally emotional. Speak only when you need to at times to avoid further irritation.

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