Top 10 Best Auto Climbing Belay Device And Rappel Equipment In 2017 Reviews

A belay device functions as a brake on the climbing rope by applying some friction to it. The device, together with the user’s quick braking hand helps keep tension on the rope, which in turn protects the user at the other end. In other words, a belay device is an important device for climbing safely.

To say that there is a lot of belay devices in the market currently would be an understatement. It appears that each and every manufacturer of climbing equipment has twelve of them. The two most common belay devices are the tubular and assisted braking, while the third type is the figure 8. The type of device you pick depends on the type of climbing you intend to do. Below is a review of the best belay device and rappel equipment on the market today. These small pieces of steel and aluminum are vital pieces of climbing gear.

10. Fusion Titan Terminal 8 Descender

Belay Device And Rappel Equipment

This fusion descender is very rugged, versatile, and of great quality. The size of the device is just right and the polished finish gives it a stunning look. The heavy-duty device is perfect for anybody who is interested in rescue climbing or repelling. It allows you to tie off and use both your hands among a lot of other things you can do with the descender.

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9. Slackers 40′ Zipline Falcon Series Kit with Seat

 Zipline Falcon Series Kit with Seat

Perfect for kids, this device delivers great adventure to your backyard. It does not only offer several hours of fun, but it also improves strength, balance and athleticism. At forty-foot long, the shorter cable is much easier to install just a couple of feet from the ground, and this in turn makes it easier for your kids to ride.

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8. Petzl Ascension Ascender

Petzl Ascension Ascender

This device from Petzl is very lightweight, can slide up the rope with ease and works great on icy ropes. The chrome-plated and spring-loaded steel cam has angled teeth and self-cleaning slot to help grip the rope securely even in muddy, wet and icy conditions.

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7. Y&Y Belay Glasses

Belay Glasses

These are prism glasses with the ability to reflex the vision vertical to the belayers. Traditionally, belayers need to raise their heads to watch their climbing partners. This can result in neck discomfort, which can in turn lead to a distraction and this will certainly put the climbers in possible danger. However, these belaying glasses can help belay your climbing partner without straining your neck.

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6. Black Diamond Big Air XP Package

Black Diamond Big Air XP Package

This device helps you go up and down the vertical world safely. The high friction mode helps keep you in control even when you’re handling icy ropes. The small Pearabiner Screwgate carabiner has a keylock nose to help eliminate snags.

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5. Black Diamond ATC Guide Belay Device

Black Diamond ATC Guide Belay Device

Preferred by traditional climbers, alienists, and ice climbers alike, this device allows you to belay two following climbers as you tie your shoes and eat some snacks, without risking anyone’s life. This flexible belay device provides complete belay and rappel functions and can be comfortably used with a variety of rope sizes.

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4. Black Diamond ATC Belay Device

Black Diamond ATC Belay Device

Lightweight and very easy to use, this belay device provides smooth handling while you are rappelling and belaying. Made from drop-forged aircraft quality aluminum, this device is not only light but also very strong. The flexible double-slot design lets you feed single as well as double ropes smoothly, yet hold falls easily. Also, the large surface area helps dissipate heat fast.

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3. Wild Country Pro Guide Lite Belay Device Set

Wild Country Pro Guide Lite Belay Device Set

Smooth, simple, and ergonomic, this auto-blocking belay device is artfully engineered. The deep ribbed grooves allow you to use the device with a variety of ropes. You can even use it in auto-block mode in order to belay two followers. It’s perfect for guides, multi-pitch rock routes and alpine climbing.

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2. Petzl REVERSO 4 Belay Device

Petzl REVERSO 4 Belay Device

At only fifty nine grams, this belay device is 25-percent lighter than the previous version, yet still offers the same flexibility for rappelling and belaying. It features an instinctive self-braking Reverso mode, which allows the lead climber to belay one or two seconding climbers directly from the anchor point.

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1.Mad Rock Aviator Belay Device

Mad Rock Aviator Belay Device

The Mad Rock Aviator belay device used the ordinary tube-style belay device in the beginning and improved it. The device’s unique detachable spring keeps it from locking when you feed in the rope, and the forged aircraft aluminum body makes it light and also provides optimal heat dissipation.

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