Top 10 Best Home SodaStream Soda Makers In 2017 Reviews

Soda makers do not have to be difficult, particularly when you have the ideal soda making machine. Investing in the best soda making machine is the desire of every soda lover. However, the stiff competition among the hundreds of brands has made it quite difficult to determine which machine outperforms all the others. But this dilemma is solved by our list of the best soda makers. These are the ultimate machines that are not only cost-effective but also deliver as advertised.

Table of the Best Soda Makers

10. Fountain Jet Black and Silver Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

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Jet Home Soda is a nice starter kit for those that enjoy drinking soda. It is powered by an advanced CO2 carbonator. In just a single session, the machine makes up to 6 liters of soda. It is quite efficient and completes a single session in just 30 seconds. This soda maker enables you to choose from over 60 soda mix varieties. The kit includes a soda mix that can make a maximum 12 liters of soda.

9. Sodastream 1l Black Carbonating Bottles- Soda Makers

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This is a pack of two carbonating bottles. Each bottle features a 1-liter capacity. They are durable and can last for a maximum of 2 years. The bottles come with a tight fitting cap to seal in the carbonation. The tough plastic construction renders them corrosion resistant. The bottles are sturdy enough to withstand the CO2 pressure without the risk of exploding.

8. Sodastream Dynamo LX Home Soda Maker Deluxe Mega Pack

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Ease-of-use is one of the main distinguishing features of this soda maker. Unlike other sophisticated soda makers, this unit can even be operated by a small child. Despite its simplicity of use, the machine is powerful enough to make up to 350 cans of soda. It features two 1-liter carbonating bottles. The unit is powered by a 130-liter CO2 carbonator. It allows you to choose from 12 soda mix varieties.

7. iSi Soda Siphon, Brushed Aluminum Home Soda Makers

iSi 2248 Soda Siphon

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Controlling the purity of carbonated water has never been much easier with this advanced soda siphon. It is fabricated from high quality brushed aluminum. This makes it durable and highly resistant to dents, scratches, and corrosion. It features an advanced pressure control mechanism that facilitates proper carbonation. This soda siphon is only compatible with iSi chargers. It makes 1 liter of soda.

6. SodaPlus SP76327 Soda Carbonating Starter Kit

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SP76327 is among the most favorite starter kits for soda lovers. This carbonating kit comes in a durable stainless steel construction. It makes use of 8 grams of CO2 chargers. The chargers help you make up to 1.2 liters of soda. The immense pressure created can be relieved through an advanced pressure release mechanism. The unit features a tight fitting cap that prevents any leaks.

5. SodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker, Cherry Red

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This is not your ordinary starter kit. It actually packs a great punch in its small design. This soda maker enables you to purify water in just a matter of 30 seconds. Its soda making capabilities can only be matched by a few in the industry. Powered by a 60-liter carbonator, it can make 6 liters of soda in just a matter of seconds. As if that is not enough, it allows you to choose from over 60 soda mix varieties.

4.  Sparkle Soda Siphon-Silver Soda Makers

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This soda maker excels both in looks and performance. It features a premium quality aluminum construction with an attractive silver finish. This sturdy metallic construction means that you can handle the unit without many worries. It features 8 grams CO2 chargers that make 1 quart of soda. This soda maker is compatible with all standard chargers.

3. SodaStream Source Metal Starter Kit


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Full monitoring of your soda making process is something that you can easily achieve with this starter kit. Apart from its elegance, this soda maker provides the convenience of an LED indicator. This provides easy monitoring of the carbonation process. The unit is powered by a 60-liter CO2 carbonator. Unlike most conventional kits, it is reusable. This makes it a more Eco-friendly choice for soda enthusiasts.

2. SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit


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Genesis Starter Kit is designed to fit a tight schedule. It actually delivers when it comes to efficiency. This soda maker allows you to enjoy your soda in no more than 30 seconds. There are no more electricity inconveniences as the unit is powered by a 60-liter CO2 carbonator. The kit incorporates a pair of tough plastic carbonating bottles that can last for up to 3 years. It makes 33 cans of soda from a 500ml soda mix. You also have the option of choosing from 25 soda mix varieties.

1. SodaStream Source Home Soda Makers

SodaStream Source Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

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Source Home Starter Kit is quite unbeatable, both in price and performance. Its great efficiency helps you make soda in just 30 seconds. It comes with a 500ml soda mix that has the ability to make up to 33 cans of soda. This soda making machine is powered by a 4-ounce CO2 carbonator that can be replaced with a 60-liter carbonator once depleted. And the best thing of all, it allows you to choose from over 60 different tastes and flavors.

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