Top 10 Best Spare Tire Covers Reviews In 2017

Every individual is advised to own a spare tire just in case there is an accident and the need to replace one of your tires arises. While many agree to this, they should also invest in a good quality spare tire cover. These come in handy in ensuring that your tire is protected from external environs. They come in different sizes because tires vary in size.

The market is crowded with different brands and models of spare cover tires. Other companies will offer to custom make a cover to suit your needs and preferences. As you seek to purchase one, the following are the top 1o best spare tire covers reviews to consider. Some are more specific to the tires they work with while others allow you to make choices.

10. Jeep Wrangler (JK) – 32″ Rigid Tire Cover

Spare Tire Covers

This spare cover tire is designed for the 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler. It is made from molded plastic face plate and a heavy duty vinyl band to serve you in the long-term while at the same time offer a great fit so your tire stays in position. This also protects the tread. It is clearly labelled for easy recognition and retention of the offers two different sizes so you can be sure of the fit depending on the model of the car, which will determine the tires used.

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9. 2007-2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Spare Tire Cover

Spare Tire Cover

This is designed to meet the needs and preferences of the Jeep Wrangler Sahara spare tire. It is made of durable material. In an effort to ensure that it holds securely even when driving off, it features an elastic anchor. The size is just perfect for the recommended spare tire. Branding is detailed so you can easily identify them when shopping around and avoid being scammed.

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Spare Tire Cover

If you are looking for a durable spare tire cover, this comes in handy. This is because it comes with a durable material. Its print for branding is from UV resistant ink to ensure that the logo remains intact. It is easy to install as it allows you to slip it on with ease. When purchasing, remember to check for the correct size so that it gives you a great fit depending on your tire.

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7. Life is good Native Offroad Tire Cover

Life is good Native Offroad Tire Cover

This off-road spare tire cover features a non-woven lined interior and a weatherproof vinyl exterior to boost on durability as well as functionality. The exterior ensures that your spare tire is protected despite any weather differences. It also ensures a customized fit with your tire as the cover features an elasticized edge. Its overall appearance looks nice.

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6. Marine Spare Tire Cover

Marine Spare Tire Cover

This is the ideal spare cover tire as it ensures that it fits your tire to perfection. This is because the covers are custom made in accordance to your tire’s specifications. All you have to do is send the company your tire’s dimensions. The brand is clear and attractive to suit right about every car. With the heavy-duty upholstery thread that is double-stitched, it guarantees durability and an attractive finish. To help install the tire cover, it comes with a rope that ensures you have tightly fitted it, which is boosted by the use of a small lock or wire tie.

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5. Hummer H3 – 33″ Rigid Tire Cover

Tire Cover

When working with this brand, it is advisable that you check the size of the tire cover before purchasing one. The fitting does not adjust as it is made of a molded plastic face plate. The surrounding is finished with a heavy-duty vinyl band covering the tread to ensure durability as well as an attractive and compact finish. Check for a fitting between the two available sizes.

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4. NCAA Auburn Tigers Tire Cover

Tire Cover

This item defines durability, strength, as well as beauty. It might be a spare tire cover but it delivers to not only carry out its function but also boosts the overall appearance of your vehicle. It is made of vinyl material to boost on durability and strength. To reinforce this, it features a bead-welt seam to further enhance on strength as well as provide an attractive finish. The UV resistant ink ensures that the logo remains intact without facing away due to exposure to environmental factors such as the harsh ultra violet rays from the sun.

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3. Sleeping Sunflower Spare Tire Cover

Spare Tire Cover

When talking of beauty and a spare tire cover, this is the product to go for. It is gaining popularity with the women target group for this reason. It provides a great fit so that your tire is safe due to the aspect of customization. When making your purchase, you will be required to provide the measurements of your spare tire so that the fitting is just right for your tire. The finishing has double stitches from heavy-duty upholstery thread. The installation process is easy and fast so you can be on your way knowing that you are not about to lose your spare tire.

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2. 2012 Jeep Arctic Edition Spare Tire Cover Mopar OEM

Jeep Arctic Edition Spare Tire Cover

This spare tire cover is not only durable but also functional to ensure that your spare tire is protected from damage. It allows for a great fit and whether it is sunny or cold, it will stand strong to serve you in the long-term. The sizes that come with this model are provided for you so you are sure which will fit your spare tire. The measurements are accurate without the need to make any adjustments.

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1. CustomGrafixTireCoversTM White Silly Boys Jeeps are for Girls Tire Cover 32″

White Silly Boys Jeeps are for Girls Tire Cover

This spare tire cover is for the fun and sarcastic individuals who have a sense of humor. It offers a variety of sizes so several individuals can use the brand despite the different tire sizes in the market. It is easy and fast to install with right about any car. During purchase, it comes with a protective plastic bag for easy transportation. The tire cover is custom printed to give you exactly what you want.

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