Top 7 Best Cheap Unicycles For Sale In 2017 Reviews

Unicycles provide a more practical way of testing your balance. But if you want to make the balancing act more comfortable and great fun, then you definitely have to invest in the best models available. Buying a unicycle is an easy task that can be done by just about anybody. However, buying the best proves to be more challenging. Most cyclists usually end up making purchases that they come to regret later. To prevent such things from happening, we have taken the trouble of providing you with a list of the best unicycles that have proven to be more cost-effective and highly functional.

7. Torker Unistar CX Unicycle

Torker Unistar CX Unicycle

Unistar CX is unarguably one of Torker’s most advanced unicycles. It boasts of a high tensile steel frame that can comfortably withstand heavy loading. The tire measures 16 inches in diameter. And unlike most conventional unicycle tires, it is wide enough for enhanced stability. The saddle is perfectly molded and padded to provide great comfort. This unicycle is recommended for those having the age of 5 to 7 years.

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6. Fun Chrome 20″ Unicycle with Alloy Rim

M-Wave Unicycle

M-Wave Unicycle offers a perfect way of testing your balance. It comes in a more refined look with an attractive silver finish. At 20 inches, its Kenda tire is actually larger than those incorporated in most conventional unicycles. Its advanced alloy fork works well in absorbing shock. This unicycle is designed to accommodate users with varied heights, thanks to its height adjustable saddle. The saddle is perfectly curved and padded to provide a comfortable sitting platform.

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5. AW Red 18″ Inch Wheel Unicycle Leakproof Butyl Tire Wheel Cycling Outdoor Sports Fitness Exercise Health

Wheel Unicycle Leakproof Butyl Tire Wheel Cycling

With this unicycle, it doesn’t matter whether you are an entry level biker or a professional one. It is actually designed to suit all. The frame is made of manganese steel; a sturdy and durable material that guarantees long-term use. This unicycle incorporates world’s renown leak-proof tire. Unlike standard tires, it can go for up to three months without the need for inflating.

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4. 20 inch Wheel Unicycle Green

 Wheel Unicycle Green

Mega Brands got a chance to show its excellent craftsmanship by designing this stylish unicycle. It features a steel frame that is finished with an attractive green color. The saddle is large and incorporates accents of green and black colors. It is sufficiently padded and can accommodate users of various heights. The height of the saddle can be adjusted from 32 to 36 inches. Therefore you won’t strain much to fit in.

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3. Sun 28 Inch Classic Chrome/Black Unicycle

Sun 28 Inch Classic Chrome/Black Unicycle

Sun Classic has one of the largest wheels in the world of unicycles. The wheel measures 28 inches in diameter and is wide enough to provide excellent traction. This unicycle was actually designed with novice riders in mind. It incorporates easy saddle adjustments that require no tools to achieve. The large padded saddle is integrated with scuff guards to provide maximum protection and comfort.

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2. Fun Chrome 16″ Unicycle with Alloy Rim

M-Wave Unicycle

This is a smaller version of M-Wave’s unicycles. However, it has so much to offer in terms of comfort and overall functionality. This unicycle can fit both professional and entry-level riders. It features a durable and sturdy steel frame that is powder coated to provide added strength. With it, there is virtually no height limitations, thanks to the height adjustable saddle. Its alloy rim and cartridge bearings allow it to comfortable support heavy weights.

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1. Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle (20-Inch Wheel)

Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle

Raleigh MTB unicycle sets itself on top of the competition with its distinctive wide off-road tire. The tire measures 20 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches wide. It is perfectly threaded to provide a non-slip surface. The frame is made of heavy duty steel to guarantee maximum sturdiness and strength. And like most unicycles, it offers the benefit of a height adjustable padded seat.

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One thought on “Top 7 Best Cheap Unicycles For Sale In 2017 Reviews

  1. Avenir Unicycle – Avenir Unicycle is a perfect choice for starters. It features an extra-large 16-inch wheel that provides smooth movement. The frame is made of steel and plated with chrome finish to provide great durability. The saddle is well-cushioned and can be adjusted in all directions to offer ultimate comfort. This unicycles features textured pedals that provide better grip to prevent your feet from slipping.

    Avenir DLX Unicycle 24-Inch Wheel

    DLX Unicycle lets you balance from a more elevated position, thanks to its large diameter tire. This unicycle comes in a new, improved design that sets it among the company’s top models. Its sturdy steel frame features a chrome plating for added durability. The nylon pedals come in a non-slip design to provide better grip. Assembling this unicycle is quite easy and only takes a matter of minutes to accomplish.

    New Deluxe 16″ Inch Unicycle Uni-cycle Unicycles

    Just one glance at this unicycle tells you that it is really built for the task. It is designed for bikers of all levels. This unicycle is finished with attractive green and yellow colors. It features a strong steel frame that is capable of supporting large users without flexing. Its 16-inch diameter tire measures 1.75 inches wide. It provides excellent traction on all nature of surfaces. Its leak-proof design allows it to go for up to 3 months without inflating.

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